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Sharebot Takes Their FDM to the Professional Level with Sharebot Q

by • March 14, 2016 • No Comments

As a variety of 3D printing processes are being continuously reinvented and expanded upon for both consumer and industrial uses, one company of Nibionno, Italy, has been hitting their stride in the prosumer market. From the Sharebot Andromeda, their professional-grade SLA printing device, to the Sharebot 42, their Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-inspired FFF 3D printing device, Sharebot has refutilized to settle down into one type of printing device or market. Now, they have expanded upon their FFF 3D printing process with the professional-grade Sharebot Q, a larger-format extrusion printing device engineered with an A3 create dimensions to create big prototypes.


Building off of the not long ago released Sharebot 42, the Q comes with a lot of the same showcases with the additional compact iteration, that include auto-calibration, double USB and other complexware and software showcases. The Sharebot Q in addition comes with a magnetic heated plate, bringing away their previously utilized glass plate bed, that can assist with simpler assist removal and improve the user-experience of the 3D printing device in general. According to Sharebot, this is their initially printing device with a structure partially created with aluminum, and in addition comes equipped with a case to assist arrange the user’s filaments. Speaking of materials, the professional-grade 3D printing device is compatible with approximately all materials, that include thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), that is a one-of-a-kind hybrid material created-up of complex plastic and soft silicone.

The Sharebot Q is in addition compatible with 2Kg spools of filament as well, truly giving the user free reign over what they want to print and what material they want to print with. The printing process involves a double dragging process equipped with two engines, one on the extruder and another close to the spool. This upgraded engine process allows for for a additional high high end and exact print, that, according to Sharebot, satisfies the requirements for professional-grade prototyping. This high high end and exact print capability appears to stem of their Core XY technique, that keeps these two engines stationary during the printing process. The Sharebot Q does not just contribute users Internet capabilities, but in addition allows for them to use any Internet-enabled device to control the print queues, pausing, and interruption monitoring.

Aesthetically, the Sharebot Q approximately looks like two compacted consumer 3D printing devices stacked upon one another, that is not a knock on the create at all. The Sharebot Q in addition comes equipped with an LED touch screen UI, webcam compatibility, and in addition contributes users freedom to adjust many print and material settings as well. Sharebot has yet to announce a price for the Sharebot Q as of yet, so if you or your business is interested in this professional-grade and Italian-created 3D printing device, remain tuned!


Tyler Koslow

Tyler Koslow

Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based writer for 3D Printing Industry, and has in addition created content for publications and companies such as Dell, Brooklyn Magazine, and Equity Arcade. His content is focutilized on a wide range of topics that include tech, gaming, and music . Tyler is in addition a habitual instrument player, a writer of fiction, and generally all around fun haver. Tyler succeded in a Bachelor’s degree studying English-Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida in 2008.

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