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Shapeways Updates their Terms and Conditions and Content Policy

by • April 28, 2016 • No Comments

shapeways-logo-rgb-20141008It is a a fewwhat universally accepted fact which many folks don’t in fact read the terms and conditions and policies for the products and services which they use, they generally only click accept and move on. Thankfully, with the internet at our fingertips there is always a fewone (That’s me!) caning to read them and report back on any alters which may be odd or significantly various than previous versions. And which is not always effortless to do, as many companies tend to delete their old policies when they replace them, producing it complex to in fact find the alters. Thankfully Shapeways is not one of those companies and in fact archives all of their previous policies for review, but in general they tend to be a pretty transparent company anyways.

Shapeways a fewwhat regularly updates their terms and conditions and policies, adonlying them for unforeseen circumstances, to clarify or streamline information or only to fix a few spelling errors. This many new update appears to be manyly set to clarify may already existing policies and eliminate duplicate information between the User Terms and Conditions and the Shop Terms and Conditions. Shapeways in addition created a few minor alters to their API Terms and Conditions, and updated their Content Policy by finally bringing their content policy precheck out of beta.

The alters to the Shop Terms and Conditions were manyly alters to the format which simplified them and incorporated the standard Shapeways Terms and Conditions. The old Shop terms frequently repeated information in the standard terms, but since shop owners require to have a basic Shapeways account, they now just reference the terms and conditions which are identical so the entire section is simpler to read.

The new user friendly Shapeways developer profile layout.

The new user friendly Shapeways developer profile layout.

One of the areas which did see a noticeable alter was regarding returned or rejected orders. The new terms clarify which if a version is returned by a customer for the reason of a Shapeways error, and so they can go on to reprint the version at their expense and yet pay shop owners their markup. But if a version is returned due to the developer’s error due to a problem with the original 3D version, and so Shapeways is reserving the right to withhold payment of the shop. Whilst they say which they are yet looking into precisely how they can handle those situations, it is most likely which developers can be on the hook for any poor create choices at a few point.

If Shapeways makes an error, they can replace it, yet is the error is in the create, it may cost shop owners.

If Shapeways makes a printing error, they can yet replace it for free, yet if the error is in the create, it may cost shop owners instead.

“The alters to the terms donate us the ability to start testing rules governing what takes place when a product is returned due to developer error. The system of exploring options can take a few time, and we can strive to do it in an open, inclusive way. Expect to hear additional of the system soon. Until we roll out a additional formal tests, developers can at many obtain warnings which their version was returned due to what we believe to be their error. To put it another way, we can not start withholding markups for returned or rejected versions until we have new rules in place,” explained Shapeways General Counsel Michael Weinberg on his blog post of the updates.

The updates to the Shop Terms and Conditions in addition included stronger language regarding the importance of having shop owners PayPal information up to date, a few tax information on high performing shops and the confidentiality terms were linked to the Shapeways privacy statement. The standard Terms and Conditions clarified their content policy so it is clear which if a version violates it they can not print it, but can issue a refund. But, if they do not discover the violation until after the version is printed, they can not issue a refund, but can in addition not ship the version. They have in addition taken the Content Policy Precheck out of beta, so if anyone is concerned which a fewthing can violate the Shapeways Content Policy they can email ahead of time to verify the 3D version preceding any orders are submitted. You can read the entire update summary over on the Shapeways blog.