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Shapeways Supports EU Net Neutrality

by • July 20, 2016 • No Comments

Shapeways has long been a supporter of Net Neutrality, so we were pleased to be able-bodied to join a letter of the European startup community in favor of sturdy
open internet rules in the EU.

Shapeways started in the Netherlands and has continuously relied on a neutral Internet to reach our customers. To the same extent, the Shapeways community uses the open internet to connect with other participants
and customers around the world.

Fundamentally, our letter asks the EU not to weaken net neutrality rules with loopholes. Regardless of whether they are called ”specialised services,” “data cap exceptions,” or “class-based traffic management,” loopholes which
allow ISPs to pick winners and losers undermine the core ideas of net neutrality.

All of this and additional is why we join the call for sturdy
net neutrality rules in the EU. We can be certain
to let you understand
what takes place as this system

Feature image: Public Knowledge under CC-BY-SA 2.0

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