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Shapeways on Capitol Hill: 3D/DC 2016

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It is effortless to ponder
excellent innovation manufactures it to are inevitable, which
they can flourish and provide the many possible world for the folks building them. But in reality paradigm shifts like 3D printing are
by a host of folks working to manufacture a following they ponder
can be an improvement. This week Shapeways got to participate in discussions with complex working folks who see the future for 3D printing to improve our lives in miraculous ways. In a series of 5 panels, 3D/DC took place on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. By providing a platform for discussion in front of Congressional policy manufacturers, myself and the other participating in the panels got to have a voice in the discussion of where 3D printing can go following.

Led by Public Knowledge, a group which
promotes freedom of expression, an open Internet, and access to low-cost communications tools and creative works, hosted the fifth 3D/DC at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington D.C. on April 13-14, 2016. My panel was all of discussing the many ways which
students and teachers can promote STEAM education. My man panelists were high school educator Joseph Williams, 3D education software manufacturer Sophia Georgieu of Morphi App, and student manufacturers Becky and John Button.

In short, 3D printing can just be effective in education if students like Becky and John have unfettered access and qualified assist of educators to pursue their inventions. Children are may already
bringing to innovation learning tools like Minecraft and littleBits to augment their belief of concepts. During this panel all of us stressed which
the community around manufacturerspaces, which
having access to other interested folks, is equally significant as getting your hands on a few 3D modeling software. As you can see, kids like John can manufacture the many of anything you put in of of them, but they require
our assist to use it in the right learning environment.


Thx to @publicknowledge for letting me join my panel-mates @einsteinunicorn@MorphiApp@jscaniams at #3DDC2016 – via @laurenlacey April 14, 2016

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