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Shapeways Live with Bryan Harris

by • January 18, 2016 • No Comments

we interviewed Shapeways employee and shop owner, Bryan Harris. In this live stream event, we will learn of how Bryan came to find Shapeways, and how his work at the company inspired him to learn 3D modeling and ultimately open up his own shop All4u.

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When Bryan applied to Shapeways three years ago, he didn’t understand
much of 3D printing, or how it may alter his life.

“I came here … favored the atmosphere, the individuals, and favored watching individuals’s ideas come to life as objects.” – Bryan Harris, Porcelain Production Lead

Bryan tells us the story of his initially few months of working at Shapeways, and how engaging with the magic of the innovation inspired him to donate 3D modeling a try.

“I started off with basic software, like TinkerCAD … I just kind of dove in, watched tutorials and started attempting various things … Eventually a fewone recommended I try out Blender” – Bryan Harris

Being resourceful and driven to go on
producing, Bryan took on the task of beginning to learn Blender and working with our tech leads to use scripts to turn it into intricately patterned patterned creations.

Eventually, when his skills were refined adequate
, Bryan opened up his shop All 4 U.

“All 4 U is all but a feeling. A feeling that
as createers, we create not just for ourselves, but for our customers … I’m not just producing for myself. I’m producing for all individuals out there.” – Bryan Harris, Porcelain Production Lead

Bryan has not just excelled as a talented 3D createer, he has in addition
come a leader in our company by spearheading the roll out of porcelain making in our factory located in Queens, NY.

Within our interview, we learn of how Bryan’s experience in porcelain production influenced his create system
and a few day lead to a shift in his shop offering, that now showcases
primarily porcelain products.

Want to hear additional of porcelain production and a few tips of the trade? You’ll have to watch our full interview, where Bryan shares a few special insights into how to pick the right glazes, belief more detail guidelines and much additional.

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to join in each Tuesday at 12:00PM EST for our Shapeways Live events!

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