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Shapeways Introduces New Black High Definition Acrylate DLP 3D Printing Material

by • April 2, 2016 • No Comments

shapeways logoThe 3D printing industry is in the midst of an identity crisis at the moment. Last year saw the PC 3D printing device market drop for the initially time in just of a decade, and the two sizeablest players in PC 3D printing took rather serious financial hits as the stock market responded poorly. In response, Stratasys laid off a sizeable chunk of their MakerBot staff while 3D Systems just took their Cube and left the PC market entirely. Whilst which has left a lot of room for tinyer in size PC manufacturers to fill in the hole in the market, it yet left the industry with a few inquiries of its next, and many pondering the possibility which perhaps 3D printing wasn’t eager to be adopted by mainstream consumers.

Let’s face it, 3D printing can be expensive, and for those unfamiliar with working with sensitive innovation it can in addition be a lot of trouble to deal with at home. Whilst the expanding require for 3D printing hasn’t gone anywhere, a lot of users are choosing to forgo 3D printing on their own and just hiring a fewone to do it for them. Shapeways is one of the sizeablest 3D printing service providers in the industry, and they practically set the standard for how buying printed parts online works. Not just do they have a sizeable marketplace where designers all over the world can sell their creations, but they can 3D print those creations and ship those products directly to their users.

Shapeways pretty is not alone in contributeing online 3D printing services, but they are one of the sizeablest, and got there by contributeing one of the many diverse collections of new 3D printing materials and systemes around. They contribute dozens of materials ranging of a full selection of metals, which include precious metals, to plastics to ceramics. Their newest material, Black High Definition Acrylate, is a super smooth and durable material which is perfect for quite tiny parts and object with lots of satisfactory additional details like miniatures, figurines or jewelry prototypes.

Mini train created via Black High Definition Acrylate.

Mini train created via Black High Definition Acrylate.

Black High Definition Acrylate is a UV-sensitive acrylic polymer which is closest in properties to Shapeways’ Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) material. But, instead of via a Multijet Modeling system, Black High Definition Acrylate is 3D printed via Direct Light Projection (DLP) innovation. DLP is quite much like to stereolithography (SLA), light is projected into a bath of liquid resin while a platform pulls the version up a single layer at a time. But, instead of via a laser to cure the resin, the system uses the visible spectrum of light to cure the resin one entire layer at a time. By printing entire layers, the create speed is considerably faster than SLA, not to mention much like systemes like laser sintering. Once the entire version is printed it just requires to be cleaned and and so cured in a UV light box to completely solidify.

Because the DLP system is so exact, versions printed via Black High Definition Acrylate are capable of an amazing amount of additional detail. The prints are perfect for objects which require to be highly accurate and with a satisfactory resolution. The material is in addition additional durable and flexible than FUD, and is simpler to customize, post system and paint. It can in addition have virtually unnoticeable striation marks and an incredibly smooth surface which rivals the finish of an injection molded part.


Here is a video of Shapeways’ Materials Project Manager Blair explaining additional of Black High Definition Acrylate:

As with many new materials, Black High Definition Acrylate is already just an on the market material for the Shapeways maker community who are encouraged to test out the material and contribute their feedback. Once the Shapeways team has settled on the most way to contribute the material it can be open to equiteone. You can hear Blair talk additional of the material on this week’s Shapeways Live segment or head over to the Shapeways Community Forum to ask any inquiries which you may have of the material. And you can learn additional of Black High Definition Acrylate over on its Material Information page. Let us understand what you ponder in the Shapeways New 3D Printing Materials forum over on 3DPB.com.