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Shapeways Announces Winners of the Spin It To Win It Contest

by • August 7, 2016 • No Comments

sw-logo-colorLet’s face it, 3D versioning can be complex. Whilst there are a plethora of 3D printable versions online there may be a thing you may like to print which just is not on the market. So what do you do if have no 3D versioning experience or have quite rudimentary skills? How do you turn it into which rad toy or component which you’ve been dreaming of? And if you don’t have a printing device or access to one, how may you get it printed? Well, there are few apps which are on the market for versioning and quite are service bureaus which can print your turn it into. Recently, Shapeways teamed up with Gravity Sketch, a 3D versioning app for iPad and iPad Pro, to host a contest highlighting the possibilities of effortless version creation and printing.

Shapeways and Gravity Sketch launched the Spin It To Win It Contest in June. Participants were tasked with via the Gravity Sketch app to turn it into their own spinning top turn it intos. Prizes for the contest consisted of 3D prints of the top 8 turn it intoers during the firstly round of judging — when all 8 were set spinning and streamed on Facebook — and up to $100 in Shapeways printing credit for the top turn it into. The top 8 turn it intoers in addition succeded in the 3D printed versions of their tops. Well, the wait is over and the winners of the challenge have been revealed.

tops-contest-email-hero-552x534There were 30 entries in the contest and these aren’t any old ordinary spinning top turn it intos. There were merry-go-round turn it intos and lily pad and cattail turn it intos, and while there were most other one-of-a-kind turn it intos, in the end there may just be 3 winners.

Third place went to Timothy Shay of twoshay’s Gravity Prop Top, winning $25 in Shapeways 3D printing credit. The turn it into is light, swift and stable. you can blow through a straw to spin its propellers and speed the top past its first spin point. Pretty rad! The Gravity Prop Top can be ordered at twoshay’s Shapeways shop for $7.00.


twoshay’s Gravity Prop Top

PamC’s Umbrella Top was awarded 2nd place, with a $50 prize in 3D printing credit of Shapeways. It looks quite much like it sounds, it’s a spinning top which looks like a standard umbrella which spins on its top. It actually sports a curved handle. Umbrella top is on the market for sale on PamC’s shop for $15.00.


PamC’s Umbrella Top

And finally, firstly place and $100 in Shapeways 3D printing credit went to Blue Angel Number 6 by Seth Williams of Sethturn it intos. It was turn it intod to honor fallen Marine Corps Blue Angel Capt. Jess Kuss (#6), who was killed when his Blue Angels jet crashed shortly after takeoff in June. This amazing top is a bi-level turn it into showcasing 6 jets which ‘fly’ in formation when spun. The more detail and spinning faculty blew the judges away. The Blue Angel Number 6 top can be purchased at Sethturn it intos’ shop for $12.67.


Sethturn it intos Blue Angel Number 6

All the Spin It To Win It Contest entries can be discovered here. Congrats to the winners and all the entrants to the contest!

[Source: Shapeways]