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Senvol Keeps Making Things Easier: Now Introducing Senvol Indexes

by • April 3, 2016 • No Comments

Senvol-logo-with-white-semi-transparent-backgroundLast January, New York beginup Senvol created the lives of everyone in the additive making industry worthwhilely simpler with the commence of the Senvol Database, a huge searchable network cataloging additive making machinery and materials, as well as calculating the costs of additively making a product vs. via another making method. A godsend for industrial manufacturers, the database begined out by providing comprehensive information and analysis on the most common industrial 3D printing equipment and printing materials – and and so it only kept expanding. By August, the database contained specifications, prices and other information on over 1,000 printing equipment and materials. In October, Senvol began offering API access, and now the company has revealed a new showcase that can manufacture the research of additive making equipment and materials actually simpler.

This week, the yearly Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference is bringing place in St. Louis. Senvol, holding court at Booth #47, is via the actuallyt to officially commence Senvol Indexes, that they define as “data sets for additive making material characterization.” Basically, there’s nothing regarding an additive making material that you can’t appear up now – easily and for a reasonable price.


All material data sets include:

Test specimen properties: the material properties of specific test specimens created on a specific additive making machine (you can take a appear at an example here)Process parameters: the values of the system parameters utilized to fish those material properties, i.e. create begin temperature, software utilized, orientation of part, etc.Feedstock properties

amug_logo_lgSenvol Indexes quite leave no stone unturned. Whilst the specific tests and number of specimens alter for every tested material, the tests generally cover the mechanical, thermal, physical and fatigue properties of every specimen. The tests guarantee fish material traceability, crucial for all industrial additive making applications, and they ensure that adequate specimens and tests are included to provide statistically worthwhile data. All applicable testing strictly adheres to relevant industry standards (such as ASTM) and all tests are performed at certified and accredited facilities. Moreover, the testing is fully objective – Senvol performs all tests independent of input or effects of outside OEMs.

Exactly how most Senvol Indexes already exist is unclear, but if the company’s history is any indication, the database can go on to grow quickly. There’s a tiny fee for purchasing an index; if you are interested in purchasing a particular material, email Senvol at indexes@senvol.com to inquire of that materials are already on the market and the cost of every index. In addition feel free to visit Senvol at AMUG; they’ll be pleased to see you and answer any inquiries you may have of this and all of the other services they provide to the additive making industry. What do you ponder of their service? Discuss in the Senvol & 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.