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See the world’s first 3D print of a 3000-year-old Chinese oracle bone – PCWorld

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Ancient artifacts contribute a few of the earliest insight we have into actuallyts such as lunar eclipses of the distant past, but for the most part, just experts have access to them. Thanks to 3D printing, that is of to alter.
Researchers of the Cambridge University Library this week revealed the creation of what they believe is the world’s initially 3D printed replica of a 3,000-year-old Chinese oracle bone. The high-resolution image of the 9-by-14-centimeter ox bone, viewable in rotatable form here, combines 1.3 million aspects to allow a seamless view of its entire surface.

Dating of 1339 to 1112 BCE, Chinese inscribed oracle bones are the oldest surviving documents written in the Chinese language. Inscribed on ox shoulder blades and the flat underside of turtle shells, oracle bones record significant inquiries and actuallyts of the time. The court of the royal house of Shang, that ruled north central China at the time, sought answers to the inquiries through divination.
The inscriptions on the bones contribute insight into most aspects of early Chinese society, which include a record of a lunar eclipse dated to 1192 BCE — one of the earliest such accounts in any civilization.
Now, the 3D printed model of Oracle Bone CUL.52, as this one is called, makes the bone’s engravings and markings actually additional visible than they are on the original itself while avoiding the risk of injure through handling. The inscriptions on the bone refer to the ritual sacrifice of an ox to a royal ancestor, the researchers said.
Created through a collaboration with the Media Studio of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, the print was turn it intod with a printing device utilized in the hospital to support in planning maxillofacial and orthopedic surgery. The print comprises 350 superimposed layers of a satisfactory powdered plaster compound hardened with cyanoacrylate superglue.
The Cambridge University Library said it hopes to turn it into images of additional oracle bones of its collection of additional than 600 as funding permits.

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