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Sculpteo’s New Shipping Option Takes the Stress Out of Waiting for Your 3D Prints to be Delivered

by • April 10, 2016 • No Comments

Waiting_8There are few things that can aggravate the way that waiting for a time-sensitive delivery can aggravate. It is a proven fact that the additional significant it is that your item be delivered on time, the additional it can be delayed – whether it’s a Christmas present, a wedding gift or a crucial part for the workplace. More than most likely, at one point or another you’ve discovered by yourself standing at the mailbox on December 23, wishing bitterly that you’d chosen the expedited shipping version all those weeks ago, five dollars extra or not.

3D printing service bureaus are no different to the delivery roulette game. Similar to anything else you order online, you generally have the version to have your 3D printed part delivered in “five to ten business days,” “two to three weeks,” or a few other frustratingly vague estimated next. When you are ordering a fewthing for pro purposes, this can be especially maddening, as it can mean the difference between a job being accomplished on time and being delayed indefinitely while the customer gets increasingly additional irritated.

3D printing giant Sculpteo understands your pain, and is introducing a new shipping version that can take the waiting and stress out of ordering 3D prints.

“We’ve all been there,” the company sympathizes. “Your distributor wants the prototype right now, your customer needs to see the new showcases on the new version preceding placing an order, or you just ran out of time. Help is here.”

sculpteo logoThat assist comes in the form of an expedited shipping version called “Express Production.” This version guarantees that your item can be shipped inside 48 hours of ordering. If it’s not shipped inside that time, you will get your money back – not just the shipping cost, but the cost of the part itself. It is not really overnight delivery, but it’s of as close as you can get when you are dealing with a fewthing that needs to be 3D printed and finished on demand.

Express Production can be on the market just for non-polished white plastic parts, that normally carry an average processing time of two to three days preceding they are shipped. Compared to most 3D printing services, that is not a bad turnaround time, but Express Production eliminates any uncertainty of how long you will have to wait, tearing at your hair and constantly refreshing the screen of your desktop in hopes that that shipping confirmation can look. To quote Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part, but Sculpteo is caning to manufacture it a little bit simpler. Discuss in the Faster 3D Printing Deliveries of Sculpteo forum over at 3DPB.com.