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Sculpteo Releases Details On Carbon’s Prototyping Acrylate Resin

by • July 6, 2016 • No Comments

sculpt3Out of the nominate few making enterprises to have obtained the introductory edition of Carbon’s CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) innovation, which has come in the form of their professional-grade 3D printing device, the M1, no one has contributeed us specifics really like the France-based 3D printing service bureau Sculpteo has. Earlier this year, Carbon revealed which they may be partnering with Sculpteo—as well as CIDEAS, The Technology House, and WestStar Precision— effectively integrating their new innovation into one of the many successful 3D printing service bureaus in the world.

Since and so, Sculpteo has been experimenting with every of Carbon’s one-of-a-kind resin-based materials, detailing all of their findings in a series of blog posts dedicated to breaking down this new and new making innovation. Over the past couple of months, Sculpteo has tested Carbon’s Cyanate Ester and Rigid Polyurethane resins on the M1 printing device, featuring what applications every particular material was most suited for. Now, Sculpteo is focvia on Carbon’s many versatile material yet, their Prototyping Acrylate resin.

PR_CMYK_01_520x400The Prototyping Acrylate resin looks like the material properties of injection molded parts much additional closely than other 3D printing techniques, capable-bodied of creating smooth objects with a solid infill. The resin is especially perfect for concept prototyping and ornamental objects, and, to a sure extent, can be used for additional mechanical applications.

According to Sculpteo, moving parts can theoretically be 3D printed with Carbon’s Prototyping Acrylate, but which is dependent on your 3D version additional than the printing system. The faculty to print moving parts is additional contingent on the necessitated assist and the geometry of the 3D version. Unsure of the clearance required to turn it into these interlocking parts, Sculpteo is already not contributeing to 3D print moving parts with any of the on the market CLIP resins.

PR_Bonemesh_01_520x400Not just is this material useful in a wide range of general applications, it’s in addition the just Carbon material which comes in additional than one color, and is on the market in cyan, magenta, yellow, grey, black, and white. Multiple colors can be mixed to turn it into a custom color, but in Sculpteo’s case, this is just on the market for on-demand bulk orders.

Before the curing system is added, the material takes on a shiny appearance, but after curing, the vibrant colors are embedded into a matte surface. By via this resin with the M1, Carbon’s digital light projector (DLP) 3D printing device, Sculpteo has been able-bodied to complete incredibly high resolution prints, which include showcases which are as thin as 0.25 mm.

All in all, the Prototyping Acrylate allows for for incredibly swift prototyping with above-average details. As for applicable-bodied creations, many average 3D versions should be compatible with the M1 and Prototyping Acrylate resin. The one significant note for those looking to print with this innovation is to ensure which the 3D version does not have an enclosed hollow region, as this can cause the liquid to be trapped inside the 3D printed object. To overcome this, 3D creations for the M1 must include an opening to allow drainage of the excess resin of hollow regions.

Carbon_logoWhen ordering 3D printed parts in Prototyping Acrylate, Sculpteo is able-bodied to contribute two various types of finishes. Customers can obtain their parts raw, which can come with removed assists, or hand polished, which can be manually sanded and polished to remove any assist scarring. By means of the M1 3D printing device, the 3D printing service bureau can go on to experiment with Carbon’s Prototyping Acrylate material, searching for the optimal uses and applications. On the other hand these CLIP resins are yet in the testing phase for Sculpteo, customers can register for the CLIP Pilot Program and become one of the initially to have their 3D creations turn it intod with this lightning-swift, potentially ingenious 3D printing innovation. Discuss additional over in the Sculpteo Testing Materials for CLIP M1 3D Printer forum at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Sculpteo]