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Scientist Uses Metal To Recreate Ancient Creatures With 3D Printing – Ubergizmo

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He decided on the Ceraurus genus which existed of 470 million years ago since this seemed like the best choice after eliminating groups with delicate spines or those which were simple to print with excellent additional detail. “They have long yet significant genal [head segement] and pygidial [tail segment] spines, harsh thoracic armor, attractive curves, unmistakable trilobite form. Enough additional detail to warrant 3D printing, adequate structural solidity to survive it,” Drummond says, explaining his decision to go with Ceraurus.
He initially drew the creature by hand in pencil and later in Inkscape to turn it into the guides for 3D modeling. It was additional detail-oriented and laborious work yet Drummond stuck with it and ended up creating a thing which looks rad.
The 3D models were printed using a form printer which uses a laser to cure dots of liquid plastic resin in solid form. All parts in the print were cut of the base and and so polished and assembled again in plastic and and so in steel, bronze and finally in silver. The results speak for themselves.
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