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Sciaky to Provide Their Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing System to EWI

by • July 20, 2016 • No Comments

logo-sciakyOf all the various types of 3D printing technologies that exist, all industry eyes seem to be set upon metal 3D printing, that has not long ago had a leading impact on the aerospace, automobile, and medical industries, only to name a few. One of the many high end and most rapidly of these metal making technologies is the Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM), that was made by the Chicago, Illinois-based making company Sciaky, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc.

Last year, Sciaky revealed their expanded line of high end EBAM metal 3D printing equipment, that have been praised for their speed, reduced material waste, and reduced machining time. Since and so, the metal fabrication company has continued to enhance their comprehensive 3D printing system with their high end closed-loop control and print monitoring system. All the while, leading companies like Lockheed Martin have used Sciaky’s 3D printing innovation to assist turn it into titanium components.

EWINow, Sciaky has revealed that the pioneer engineering and making innovation organization, called EWI, has gotten their hands on one of their high end EBAM 3D printing system. The Columbus, Ohio-based making solutions provider has been offering making assist and services to a wide range of industries since 1984, and can now enhance their metal 3D printing capabilities with their purchase of a Sciaky EBAM system. With their newfound partnership, EWI and Sciaky can work in tandem to create prototype parts for high-tech makers of a variety of industries based all around the United States.

An EBAM 110 System of Sciaky, Inc. (PRNewsFoto/Sciaky, Inc.)

An EBAM 110 System of Sciaky, Inc. [Image: PRNewsFoto/Sciaky, Inc.]

“Sciaky is really excited to work with an innovator like EWI,” said Mike Riesen, General Manager of Sciaky, Inc. “Beyond just selling an EBAM system to EWI, Sciaky can collaborate with EWI to advance and promote EBAM innovation into mutual fields of interest. New applications and solutions can surely be found under this amazing partnership.”

Sciaky EBAM system at Lockheed Martin.

Sciaky EBAM system

Their EBAM 3D printing innovation is really much like to selective laser sintering (SLS), but completely liquefies the metal wire feed instead of only melting the outer layer of the metal powder. Sciaky’s EBAM systems are able-bodied to create parts ranging of 8 inches to 19 feet in length, and is in addition able-bodied to make additional compact and larger parts, depending on the application. According to Sciaky, their EBAM system has the most rapidly deposition system of all other types of metal 3D printing innovation, capable-bodied of depositing anywhere of 7 to 20 pounds of metal powder material per hour. The 3D printing system comes with a dual wirefeed version, allowing for two various metal alloys to be combined into a single melt pool, allowing the creation of components of a customized metal alloy.

With the wide reach and making prowess of EWI, Sciaky now has the opportunity to spread their EBAM innovation across additional industries than at any time preceding. With this newfound and expansive partnership, their EBAM innovation may soon become the breadwinner of all the metal 3D printing technologies that are already in existence.