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Scanning Birds to Save Birds: Artec 3D and Threeding Team Up Again For New Preservation Project

by • March 29, 2016 • No Comments

Untitled-1 (3)The number of endangered species on the planet go ons to grow at an dreadful rate, and over one thousand of those species are birds. The reasons are multitudinous – habitat destruction, climate alter, pesticides, poaching, the exotic pets trade, and additional. Whilst conservation organizations are doing all things they can to save these species, the problems are overwhelming. Every effort to raise awareness of the risks to these birds is crucial, as the actions of average individuals are a primary factor in whether or not a species can survive.

Two companies in the 3D industry have launched an effort to raise awareness of endangered birds, and to prevent their needless killing. 3D printing marketplace Threeding and 3D scanner and software developer Artec 3D have teamed up on a new project to scan and digitize over 55 species of endangered and threatened birds, which include the eastern imperial eagle, the white-tailed eagle, the boreal owl, the black-crowned night heron, the Humboldt penguin and the long-eared owl.

To turn it into the 3D models, the two companies are via Artec’s high-resolution Spider and Eva 3D scanners to scan several taxidermied birds of scientific facilities. The scans were and so converted into 3D printable models and are already on the market for download on Threeding’s website. The purpose of the project is twofold – to encourage awareness and education of these endangered species, and to provide an alternative to killing and stuffing real birds for educational or collectible purposes.


This is not the initially collaboration between Threeding and Artec 3D. The two companies team up often, in fact, and have digitally preserved most ancient artifacts of Greece and Rome, as well as Bulgarian military artifacts and religious relics. This is their initially venture into the field of ornithology.

_MG_0478“It has been a privilege to work with Threeding.com these past few years and we are excited to go on this partnership as the company ventures into animal preservation,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “The preservation of all animal species is of significant importance and relies heavily upon education. The portability and ease afforded to users of our handheld scanners and software suite is offering a means for students, scientists and conservationists alike to exalter information and work together in this effort.”

Threeding is already working on several other projects for educational and scientific purposes, in the fields of paleontology, archaeology and anatomy. Those models can be created on the market in the near next. The bird models, of now until the end of April, are free for download; several of them can in addition be 3D printed and ordered directly of Threeding for a tiny fee. After April, universities, students and scientific organizations can request free access.

3 (8)“We are incredibly pleased to extend our portfolio of 3D printing files to ornithology models,” said Cveta Partaleva, co-founder of Threeding.com. “Our aim is to manufacture our website not just a consumer platform, but in addition the premier resource for educational and scientific 3D printable models.”

The collection of bird models on Threeding.com are beautifully textured and realistic; go take a appear at them, print a few if you like, and if you are inspired to add your efforts to the conservation of these species, there are a lot of resources out there for you to do so. It is not too late to store these lovely birds of ending up as nothing additional than replicas. Isn’t this new form of preservation inspiring? Discuss in the 3D Scanned Birds forum over at 3DPB.com.