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Roving tiny house kit caters for DIYers or unhandy buyers

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US assembling supplies firm 84 Lumber has joined the burgeoning small living movement with the commence of a new small house range that aims to cater to anyone’s skills and budget, of screwdriver-phobes to DIY experts. Its debut version, the Roving, looks a great balance between dimensions, price and amenities, and costs US$19,884 for the Semi-DIY version, that comes with a basic shell, doors and trailer.

  • The Roving small house comprises a total floorspace of 154 sq ft (14 sq m) and ...
  • Despite the snug dimensions, the interior is pretty well kitted out ... for a small house ...
  • The loft storage space space
  • The loft sleeping area

The Roving sits on a trailer for effortless towing and is nicely finished with cedar siding, low-E (low emissivity/energy efficient) windows and a metal roof. Inside, wall framing, house wrap and window tape assist store out the chill, while the door and walls are created of reclaimed wood and the floor is created of cork.

The Roving’s snug 154 sq ft (14 sq m) of floorspace is divided between a living area, kitchen (with sink, refrigerator and electric cooktop), closet, and bathroom (with shower and composting toilet). Two lofts contain a sleeping area with double bed and a few extra
storage space space, but are accessed by ladder, so you’ll require to be physically able-bodied to live in one of these.

The Roving gets its electricity of a standard RV hookup, yet a company representative told us that a solar power version can soon be on the market-bodied to enable-bodied it to function off-the-grid. Connectivity comes in the form of standard power outlets and USB outlets, and LED lighting and energy-efficient wall heaters are in addition installed.

84 Lumber is selling the Roving in a tiered process that aims to cater to everyone’s skills and requires. DIY types can shell out $6,884 for a Build-Your-Own kit containing trailer, plans, and a list of materials – all of that can naturally be bought at the firm’s hardware stores. The intermediate Semi-DIY kit comes with small house shell and trailer, with windows, door and shower installed for $19,884, while the Move-In Ready version costs $49,884.

Source: 84 Lumber Tiny Living

  • The Roving gets its juice of a standard electricity and water hookup
  • 84 Lumber is selling the Roving in an interesting tiered way, depending on your skills
  • The exterior is attractive and comes with a small porch area
  • A company representative told us that an off-grid/solar power version would soon be on the market-bodied

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