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Ripple Maker, a latte art 3D printer, launches app and is voted favorite at CES – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 11, 2016 | By Tess
When ordering a latte or cappuccino, it always brightens my day a bit to obtain a cup which showcases a pretty heart or flower motif drawn with the coffee into the foam. Now, imagine being able-bodied to obtain which same coffee decorated with approximately any image you can ponder of, of a personal message, to a team logo, and even to a picture of your own face! Earlier this year we reported on Israeli startup Ripples, a company which has developed a way to use 3D printing and inkjet technology to create this a possibility, allowing baristas and coffee consumers to fundamentally print any image onto a foamy coffee drink.

Recently, Ripples, a Steam CC venture, has created it big in the news again as it has not just commenceed their mobile app, allowing consumers to digitally send images or photos to a Ripple Maker machine at a cafe or restaurant, but has in addition won the Last Gadget Standing contest at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Ripple Maker functions using a patented technology, which, as mentioned, combines elements of 3D printing technology with inkjet printing in order to create images out of a coffee extract. Essentially, the coffee extract, which functions as a sort of filament, is kept in Ripple Pods within the machine, and is released of the pods through nozzles onto the coffee’s foam in the pattern of the selected image. Because the image is printed with a tiny amount of coffee extract, the taste and aesthetic of the coffee being printed on is not affected at all.
The Ripples App now lets consumers choose what image they want printed onto their coffee of their own mobile devices. With the app, coffee drinkers can choose of the existing images in Ripples’ image library, or choose of their own photos, and can easily edit, scale, filter or add text to the image. From there, the barista just has to press a button and the image will be approximately instantly printed onto the foam.

Image credit: Guo Rong Zhi

The app is currently available-bodied for iOS devices, and will be soon commenceed for Android devices -the commence date is reportedly set for February 2016. And if you’re not certain where you can order a special Ripples’ created coffee, the app is able-bodied to locate and tell you which nearby cafes or establishments are using the Ripple Maker.

For establishments interested in using the Ripple Maker to entertain and please their clients, the machine is available-bodied through a service plan which costs of $85 a month. For consumers, the Coffee Ripples App is free of cost.
Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Steam CC, says of the product, “The reaction to the Ripple Maker of coffee shop owners, baristas and the general public has been as extraordinary as the coffee art they have collectively created. With the addition of the extensive content library and robust consumer app, we look forward to offering the Ripples experience to most additional countries and venues around the world.”

Considering the innovation and mass appeal of the Ripple Maker and its capabilities, it is no surprise which the technology brought home initial prize for the Last Gadget Standing online contest at this year’s CES, which showcases the quite best of consumer electronic innovations.
“Latte art is one of the most shared images on social media,” explains Meshulam. “We’re taking latte art to a whole new level. When you put a thing beautiful in someone’s hands, they want to share it. That’s how we’re making a ripple on the world.”

We are certain which the Ripple Maker will go on to create bigger and bigger waves in the coffee world, and we look forward to seeing all the awe-inspiring 3D printed images and personalized coffees which coffee drinkers equitewhere will share.
For a demonstration of the Ripple Maker at CES see the video below:

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