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Ring it up: 3D print your own ATtiny 85 ring watch – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb 19, 2016 | By Benedict
With tech manufacturers now prioritizing big HD displays over basic ergonomics, smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. But wearables, at very least those of the current generation, are yet to follow any discernible dimensions trajectory. The Apple Watch is sizeable but not monstrous, and rival companies have additional or less followed Tim Cook’s lead in this respect.

With big tech brands sticking to average-dimensionsd wearables, it’s the DIY manufacturers and createers who are toying with proportional extremes; the latest example of the trend being this 3D printed ATtiny85 Ring Watch created by Instructables user Chen Liang. The tiny piece of innovation does not get close to the Apple Watch in terms of functionality, but its astounding compactness and long battery life manufacture it an amazing DIY project for amateur tech-manufacturers.
The tiny 3D printed wearable represents a continuation of the manufacturer’s earlier take on to create an ATtiny Watch core, and brings the device down to single-digit dimensions—a “real gadget” indeed. The ring watch uses an ATTINY85V-10SU MCU to store things on the tiny side, with an SSD1306 OLED screen and CR1220 battery. Other components of the Arduino-powered ring watch include a SOIC ISP clip, M2 screws, buttons, resistors, and copper wires.
The manufacturer initially wanted to manufacture his gadget of wood but, luckily for us, the “lazy one” 3D printed the body to save time. On the other hand Chen did not specify his 3D printing device or settings of choice, he has uploaded both the STL and SketchUp files to Thingiverse, allowing other manufacturers to tinker with the create and adjust it for bigger or tinyer fingers.

The 3D printed ring watch has may already proven a hit with Instructables users, with the project receiving a number of positive comments. Appreciation of the wearable hasn’t prompted Chen to sit back and relax yet. Instead, the manufacturer has promised additional improvements to the device, that include a slimmer ring body, that may be achieved by replacing the existing button panel with an SMD version; other I2C modules; an amber sensor to satisfactory tune screen brightness in direct sunlight; an high end method of time synchronization; GPS; and WiFi connectivity.
So may ring watches be the following generation of wearable innovation? The miniature device is not packed with showcases, and its dimensions and odd appearance may prove disadvantageous both practically and aesthetically. On the other hand (or finger), we’ve seen stranger technological trends in the past, and the DIY aspect of the device may pretty manufacture it an attractive 3D printing project for manufacturers who like their bling to assist a function. The device may in addition manufacture an great gift for a favored one—as Beyonce says: “If you liked it, and so you should have put a 3D printed ring watch on it”.

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