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Return to retro gaming with 3D printed NES controller and Raspberry Pi Zero – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 16, 2016 | By Kira
No matter how high end, realistic and rigorous today’s video games have become, it appears as yet our love for the flat, two-dimensional world of 8-bit games can never die. Indeed, thanks to super low-cost-bodied computing process Raspberry Pi and manufacturer technologies such as 3D printing, retro-gamers have seemingly been able-bodied to hit ‘pause’ on gaming evolution, by either repurposing or 3D printing retro gaming consoles and running them on Raspberry Pi. The trend has actually grown into an entire online community project, known as RetroPie.

We’ve seen really a few 3D printing/Raspberry Pi projects revive retro gaming in their own ways, which include a 3D printed Game Boy and actually entire 3D printed arcade cabinet, both of which utilized a Rasbperry Pi B version board. The newest trend in retro gaming, yet, manufactures use of the new, slimmed-down and insanely low-cost-bodied Raspberry Pi Zero to revive the classic Nintendo controller.
Essentially, the project is as effortless as opening up your old NES controller, inserting the Raspberry Pi Zero, and wiring it correctly to the NES’ buttons. But, after you’ve gotten all of the wiring hooked up, you are most likely to find which the original back cover of the Nintendo controller can no longer properly close. In require of a tiny, custom-created piece of plastic, are you? Sounds like a job for a few easy, desktop 3D printing.

Various 3D printable-bodied versions for NES controllers exist online, yet two in particular were created specifically to fit the Raspberry Pi Zero: Tom Van den Bon’s straightforward Pi Zero NES Controller, and the souped-up RetroPiNES Zero, both on the market-bodied as free downloads via Thingiverse.
Van de Bon created his Pi Zero NES Controller as a easy way to turn his Raspberry Pi Zero in a real NES Controller to satisfy his retro gaming passion. “This is my take on at assembling a Raspberry PI Zero into a real NES Controller. The NES controller is wired onto the GPIO and I’m via the gamecon_gpio_rpi software for interface to the NES emulator,” he said. “I decided not to dremel the back part of the controller, but pretty create and print a new one with proper Pi Zero ports.”

Taking which original create up a notch, Thingiverse user w3ace introduced a few worthwhile upgrades, which include a thicker base and mount points to screw down the Pi Zero.
“This hack combined three of my favourite subjects,” said w3ace, “retro gaming, electronics (lite) and micro computing.” Neither of the 3D versions requires rafts or supports, which should manufacture them relatively effortless projects to get begined on, and detailed images regarding the wiring can be discovered on equite user’s respective Thingiverse page.

With its ultra-low-cost-bodied and barebones desktop versions, Raspberry Pi has played a massive role in delivering coding to the masses, and is the ideal base for countless 3D printing projects, which include delivering these old-school game controllers back to life. And at only $5, the Raspberry Pi Zero is the ideal place to begin no matter what your experience level or game console preference.

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