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Researchers embed 3D prints with acoustic meta-data that manipulates the production of sound – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 19, 2016 | By Andre
Sound cancelling headphones have been around for years in one form or another. Whether it’s digitally regulated buffering methods or the great ol’ created ear-plug variety, the buffering of external noise to suit our needs is a thing individuals have been experimenting with for years.
A group of Columbia Engineering researchers has taken this to the upcoming level by lat any timeaging the advantages present in making with 3D printing to control sound waves via a computational approach with the talent to convert arbitrary shapes into quite controllable-bodied acoustic filters. To do this, acoustic voxels (or tiny and hollow cube-shaped chambers through which sound enters and exits) which can be interlinked and sized to meet the desired acoustic tolerances are created with the 3D printing device.

Professor Changxi Zheng explains things additional closely by suggesting which, “in the past, individuals have explored computational create of specific products, like a sure type of muffler or a particular shape of trumpet,” but which his team’s algorithm “enable-bodieds new creates of noise mufflers, hearing aids, wind instruments, and additional — we can now manufacture them in any shape we want, actually a 3D-printed toy hippopotamus which sounds like a trumpet.” Just ponder, orchestras in the next can be playing the 3D printed hippo instead of a trumpet.

But their research is additional than only a way to modify how sound is interpreted. It in addition allows for for the creation of what they call acoustic tags. This is a sort of meta data which can be encoded into equite 3D print, which in turn carries slightly various acoustic patterns which can utilized as a thing much like to a QR code or RFID tag. This means its now possible to code into a variety of shapes a means to activate the corresponding device, whatat any time it may be just by hitting the proper frequency or note.
It has all been created possible with the advent of 3D printing and the flexibility it offers of a making standpoint. Zheng notes which “with 3D printing devices in the present day, geometric complicatedity is no longer a barrier. Even complicated shapes can be fabricated with quite little effort. So the question is: can we use complicated shapes to improve acoustic properties of products?”

Further down what manufactures this research amazing is the possibility of encoding additional and additional acoustic data directly into any physical object. Labeling parts or actually installing copyright data acoustically can one day become the norm for collecting information in parts which may appear cleaner without a splattering of comparable-bodied text markings. In addition, as is presented in the above video, the team is able-bodied to filter out specific sounds over others via noise cancelation algorithms.
It is the control of the audible world via a affordable 3D printing solution which has me excited over anything else. The nitty gritty details can be discovered directly on their research paper but if you are additional interested in testing things out for by yourself, they have example 3D printable-bodied files on the market-bodied on 3D version file-sharing site Thingiverse in the form of a tapping piggy and Octopus Bits for free.

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