Research and Markets Recognizes 3D Printing Growth in “Adoption of Disruptive Technologies Transforming Manufacturing” Report

logo2xAs 3D printing innovation go ons to expand in capability and accessibility, it has played an increasingly integral part in the rise of “Industry 4.0”. The term describes an ongoing trend of automation and data exchange with emerging making technologies like additive making, robotics, virtual/augmented reality, and others. But these various methods of disruptive tech are oftentimes used in unison with every other, it’s complex to gauge how they can go on to interact in the near next.

To assist provide insight into the disruptive nature of these making technologies, major market research keep Research and Markets not long ago released the “Adoption of Disruptive Technologies Transforming Manufacturing“ report. The interesting resource is widely known across the industry for their in-depth analysis on the global 3D printing market, as well as graphene, 4D innovation, and much additional. In their latest report, Research & Markets provides insight into 3D printing innovation alongside VR, AR, high end robotics, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

adoption_of_disruptive_technologies_alteringThe new research offering features the emergence of digital making technologies in light of Industry 4.0 and smart factories. The report offers a appear at how disruptive technologies like 3D printing have not just impacted the next of making, but product create as well. The assessment study seeks to answer inquiries of how Industry 4.0 has risen to significance, how these disruptive technologies are altering making, the key benefits and challenges of every, their future in the next, and much additional.

3D printing innovation is one of the key topics covered in the report, examined in the third section entitled “3D Printing: Rapid Transformation Force in the Manufacturing Industry”. This overarching section is broken down into the next eight categories:

3.1: How is 3D Printing Transforming Manufacturing?3.2: 3D Printing: A Technology Overview of Selected Techniques3.3: 3D Printing: Drivers and Challenges Influencing Adoption3.4: 3D Printing: Drivers Explained3.5: 3D Printing: Challenges Explained3.6: 3D Printing: Market Overview3.7: 3D Printing: Key Adopters3.8: 3D Printing: Product/Solution Providers

The report go ons to raise the same significant inquiries for high end robotics, VR, AR, and the IIOT, tying them all together as disruptive technologies which are poised to shape the next of Industry 4.0. In addition to the comprehensive probe into every making innovation covered in the report, the analysis in addition comes with a strategic assessment on how every one can most likely alter making by the year 2025.


The “Adoption of Disruptive Technologies Transforming Manufacturing” report in addition offers strategic planning, insight into key patents, and analyst insights on 3D printing innovation and beyond. All in all, Research and Markets have once again conjured up an interesting analysis into the future of additive making. This time around, yet, they group 3D printing innovation with other emerging making technologies to assist decipher the continuing rise of Industry 4.0 and smart factories. Discuss in the Disruptive Technologies forum at