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Renishaw and BioHorizons collaborate to produce tailor-made 3D printed dental abutments – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb 16, 2016 | By Benedict
Global engineering and advancement firm Renishaw has partnered with dental implant developer BioHorizons to development LaserAbutments: custom-fit metal 3D printed abutments for false teeth.

3D printing advancement is now commonly utilized to turn it into customized implants for most various parts of the human body, that include teeth. The collaboration between Renishaw and BioHorizons, revealed on February 1, adds a additional additively manufactured dental solution to the market, allowing dentists “to contribute custom abutments for restorations providing exceptional function and aesthetics, while maintaining high value for money”.
In the field of dentistry, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all abutment. The tiny connecting element, utilized to affix false teeth to the gum of a patient, can fit additional comfortably and securely if tailored to an individual’s oral anatomy, that is precisely what Renishaw and BioHorizons are aiming to do with their tailor-created LaserAbutments. The bespoke create of equite CE marked cobalt chrome piece assists to combat “angulation challenges”, and provides wearers with a additional effortless fit.

Each LaserAbutment is 3D printed via Renishaw’s hybrid making advancement. A 3D image of a patient’s mouth can be received via Renishaw Dental Studio (RDS), that allows for dental professionals to “combine high speed light scanning with the accuracy of contact scanning” to capture implant positions, or with selected open CAD systems.
Once a scan has been received, the 3D image can be sent digitally to Renishaw’s making plant, where engineers can 3D print the tailor-created product with the finest occlusal details. Each 3D printed abutment is and so precision machined to complete the right fit for screw-retained implants. Dental labs without access to CAD facilities can in addition send a physical dental version via post to Renishaw, whose staff can perform a scan on the version preceding creating the 3D printed abutment in the same way.
Each 3D printed abutment is created of CoCr, that has been biocompatibility tested according to ISO 10993: a series of standards for the biocompatibility of medical devices. Standard porcelain false teeth can be bonded to the surface of equite abutment without a separate coping or crown, and the screw-retained crown of equite implant can be temporarily removed for hygienic maintenance or dental examinations on adjoining teeth. Each 3D printed LaserAbutment comes with a pre-polished emergence profile, that can assist to save lab time, and a titanium screw.

“This is yet another case of metal 3D printing advancement dismantling the limits of traditional making methods and opening new horizons for difficult geometries and weight customization of parts, at a quite beautiful cost,” explained Ed Littlewood, Marketing Manager at Renishaw’s Dental Products Division.
Renishaw’s dental business ventures represent only one application of the global engineering company’s 3D printing expertise. The firm not long ago got its teeth into the world of competitive sailing, becoming an official supplier to the Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) team in the America’s Cup, and in addition developers its own line of 3D printing devices. The newly revealed dental collaboration marks BioHorizons’ initially exploration into the world of 3D printing.

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