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Reduce Your 3D Printer Noise with These Simple Tricks

by • April 14, 2016 • 7s Comments

noise1A new talked of Reddit thread speaks to a common problem that most individuals who regularly use 3D printing devices have encountered: noise level. Of course, most 3D printing devices are guilty as charged for producing adequate noise to have the neighbor complaining — and no one wants that, right? After all, 3D printing is supposed to be a positive thing that promotes a sense of wonder and excitement, not a sense of stress or dread. Thankfully, this Reddit thread is filled with all kinds of great advice of various strategies you can use to reduce printing device noise levels and manufacture peace with your roommates, spouses, and neighbors.

“Fade430” kicks off the thread explaining that the printing device is in the bedroom on a milk crate, and the downstairs neighbor is able-bodied to hear the printing device running. “SirEDCaLot” claims to have the solution: “decouple the printing device of the floor acoustically,” since the noise appears to be caused by the vibration coming of the floor. SirEDCaLot recommends “a rubber mat, foam pad, actually a piece of carpet remnant should do the trick. Go with a few layers if you want to be quite certain (IE carpet with rubber on top).” “Deaner3D” chimes in to concur that decoupling has worked well; he has a “delta sitting on a few spare RC truck springs and it quite lowered the noise a lot.”


Other thoughts to reduce noise levels here are offered by “sLpFhaWK”:

“I in addition had this issue with my downstairs neighbor. He threw a fit one night at like 3am swearing, yelling loudly and banging the ceiling went completely psycho. anyways, what I did to quiet my printing device was I ordered TMC2100 silent step sticks, I put my printing device on a solid shelf, and i got a few tile gym floor to dampen the vibration…the TMC2100’s require additional voltage than the standard 12v of the ramps board so you can require to get a booster to get 24v for only the TMC2100s but it’s worth it. they in addition have dampeners for the nema 17 motors but I don’t have experience with those.”

noise4Great thoughts for avoiding an early morning confrontation with the neighbor, huh? “Kariko83” in addition suggests that a thick yoga mat works under the printing device to dampen the volume. Even additional dampening suggestions come of “SergeantTibbs” who suggests getting
tile rubber mats created for standing at a workbench and stacking them together. If the mats slide relative to every other, you can in addition cement them together and actually “cut off the nubbins for a smoother look.”

“Delaminated” suggests a material called sorbothane here, that is not inexpensive but has great dampening properties. But certainly much anything springy and filled with air does the trick (actually kitchen sponges or erasers under your printing device are recommended). In addition, there’s a sturdy consensus that putting your entire printing device in a box helps reduce noise, as one user wrote, by “10 dB, so that is a 50% reduction.”

You get the thought, right? If you are stressed over 3D printing device noise levels, you can box it, decouple it, and dampen noise levels via a combination of tricks depending on your requires. In addition, remember, you can slow your printing device speed down at night to reduce noise and avoid a confrontation with any cranky and tired individuals around you who are less than enaadditionald by all that your awe-inspiring machine can do! Do you have a noisy 3D printing device? Discuss in the 3D Printer Noise Reduction Tips forum over at 3DPB.com.