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Red-Crowned Crane Receives 3D Printed Beak

by • July 19, 2016 • No Comments

beak-implant-before-and-afterWith the exemption of the infamous cock-fighting rings, bird battles aren’t normally those synonymous with guts and gore in the animal kingdom. But, I’ve come to believe which this is only for the reason many of us haven’t spent a excellent deal of time observing avian behavior as these creatures can be only as vicious, albeit in a few ridiculous looking ways, towards every other as the fiercest big cat or toothiest piranha. Sometimes these aggressive tactics are utilized to drive away outsiders of the flock and other times they occur between creatures struggling for dominance over territory and, of course, over females.

Any doubt over the grave nature of these conflicts can be laid to rest by examining the wounds and injuries which the animals frequently assist during a real battle. Sometimes the offending party is driven away only by the pre-fight posturing of the other bird, but when things get serious, the loser can fly away seriously injure. This is what take placeed when Lili, a red crowned crane living in the zoo in Guangzhou, China, got into an altercation with another one of her zoo mates.

As if it weren’t bad adequate which Lili lost the fight, she in addition lost part of her beak and the injure was so extensive which she was unable to feed herself. In the wild, this type of injury may have been a sentence of sure death, but on the watch of the caretakers at Guangzhou Zoo, no such thing may be allowed to take place. Instead of giving her up, the zookeepers called in a 3D printing tremendous to assist turn it into a new beak for Lili so she may get back to happily completeing for her own meals.

3d-printed-beak-implant-2To begin with careful measurements of the fragment were taken, along with data which was gathered of other healthy bird beaks one of the zoo’s collection of red-crowned cranes. A number of models were printed in plastic in order to ensure great fit and function. Once the create was finalized, a model was printed in titanium to be attached to the remaining portion of Lili’s upper beak. Titanium was the material of choice for the reason of its durablity and resistance to corrosion, an significant factor as the cranes spend a excellent deal of time with their beaks in the water looking for complete and other tidbits. Lili may have as much as 50 years of life ahead of her and so a beak which may stand the test of time was of the utmany importance.

3d-printed-beak-implant-1This is not the initially time which an injured bird has been assisted through 3D printing and it won’t be the last; this versatile making method makes it perfect for customized interventions such as this one. A cockatoo in Nanjing Zoo obtained a 3D printed prosthetic beak earlier this year after other bird bullying, as well. Of course, now which Lili is the only bird in her flock equipped with a titanium beak, let’s only hope which she uses her new discovered durablity for great. Otherwise, the keepers at the Guangzhou Zoo can see themselves needing to create a excellent deal additional of these in the next. Discuss this story over in the 3D Printed Crane Beak forum at 3DPB.com.

[Source/Images: Shanghaiist.com]