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Realistic 3D Printed “Robirds” Designed to Scare Away Bird Flocks

by • April 10, 2016 • No Comments

bird4It is a bird, it’s a robot, it’s the Robird! Most of us can imagine an occasion where scaring off a flock of birds may be quite assistful. I mean, that is what the old-fashioned scarecrow is created to do, is not it? Well, a additional high tech option of the scarecrow can in addition assist you, and the “Robird,” created by Dutch company Clear Flight Solutions and 3D printed by Materialise, is here to prove it. These Robirds can be utilized at airports, orchards, fields, and waste sites to scare away the real and much peskier birds.

One appear at a Robird and you can see precisely why it may work so well. A Materialise blog post of these robot birds explains how 3D printing facilitates an organic create authentic adequate to appear like a real bird in flight. This is especially significant since birds can injure airplanes, ruin crops, and spread disease:

“The flexibility afforded by Additive Manufacturing allowed the createers at CFS to create the attractive, organic shapes required to manufacture the Robird as realistic as possible. It in addition gave the createers the freedom to continuously manufacture alterations to the create of their birds, and expand upon the various types of birds they create.”

bird1Robirds propel themselves by flapping their wings, with a flight performance comparable-bodied to real birds. They are laser sintered in glass-filled polyamide, with all necessary fixation points for mechanical components 3D printed directly within the body. Eventually, the goal is to eliminate the require for humans to operate these birds at all. Robbert de Vries of Clear Flight Solutions explains that not just does 3D printing allow for such customized and authentic create, but it in addition assists with expense, production time, and higher high end products:

“By eliminating the guide assembly we did preceding and being able-bodied to perform rapid create changes, we save a excellent deal of time and money. Thanks to the tremendous advice of Materialise we are now creating advantageous products.”

Clear Flight Solutions in addition knows that these birds are working, doing what they were created to do, for the reason the company tests them out routinely at Twence Waste & Energy in the Netherlands. Clear Flight Solutions, that began developing the Robirds back in 2014, is in addition planning to test them at European airports by the end of 2016.


The concrete require to avoid injure cautilized by birds can most likely drive the good results of this endeavor. After all, birds cause tens of millions of dollars of injure each year in the US alone. Machinery, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems, buildings and most other structures can be compromised or destroyed by bird droppings and nesting materials.

Check out the at a lower place video, and these other related videos, to see for by yourself these amazing little flying robots in action! What do you ponder of these birds? Discuss in the 3D Printed Robirds forum over at 3DPB.com.