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Reach 3D, an all-in-one 3D printer kit soon available through Kickstarter for just $249 – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb 18, 2016 | By Alec

Do you remember the promising Fusion 3D printing device? Released back in September 2015, this was a quite interesting home-made machine inspired by RepRap principles. Reliable, smooth, swift and showcasing a lot of aluminum parts, it seemed to have equitething you may appear for in an open source 3D printing device, low price tag included. Its manufacturer Nate Rogers is now back for additional and is bringing it all to Kickbeginer. Taking all the lessons learnt of the Fusion 3D printing device to his latest version, he is eager to release the Reach 3D Printer, an all-in-one 3D printing kit which can in addition function as a laser cutting, engraving, plotting and milling machine. Sounds quite astounding for just $249.
To refresh your memories, Fusion begined out in 2015 by Nate Rogers, born out of a quest for a high high end 3D printing device for a reasonable price. Nate himself is an artist and inventor with a love for 3D printing and a background in tattoo art. Having made 4 one-of-a-kind 3D printing devices, he has become obsessed with finding a high end, reliable 3D printing device which can be adjusted as much as you want, but does not cost thousands. He is therefore in addition an integral part of the RepRap movement, but weak plastic or rod frames never satisfied him over the past six years.

Having taken matters into his own hands, he is now eager to take all his experience to the Reach 3D printing device. “I’ve sold 20 Prototypes of my [Fusion] printing device, and made several changes throughout. With so most variables solved, and the assist of the Kickbeginer community, the Reach 3D Printer should prove to be a excellent success,” he says. “I want to manufacture 3D printing additional on the market to the world, giving additional folks access to a less expensive, open-source printing device which is easily modifiable for Laser Cutting and probably Light Milling.”
And together with his team, showcasing brothers Keith (mechanical engineer) and Brad (businessman) and wife Rachel, Nate quite appears to have delivered. “We were appearing for an inexpensive, solid, non-proprietary 3D printing device, which may do anything. We wanted a printing device with a sizeable create area, which may be easily adjusted and was a platform to learn of. We mayn’t find one which met our expectations,” he says. So which is fundamentally what they have made.

Importantly, this is not a paradigm shifting machine or anything, but just an take on to optimize all the elements you can find in RepRap creates. “We utilized readily on the market components and streamlined the create for ease of use. We begined with an all-aluminum frame made of v-slot extrusions, 1/8″ aluminum plates and delrin v-wheels to ensure a sturdy cantilever create,” Nate says. The machine in addition comes with a sizeable create area (200 x 200 x 215 mm), can 3D print all the common filaments (including PLA, ABS, PetG, Nylon, NinjaFlex, Faux Metal) and, significantly, can be easily adjusted with detachable toolheads to become a laser cutter, plotter, mill and additional. “The Reach 3D Printer can begin you 3D printing, and when you are eager to try laser cutting, your Reach Printer can transition with you,” they say. The entire list of specifications can be discovered at a lower place.

In short, it appears like a ideal version for budget users, yet educators can unquestionably find introduced value in the Reach too. “Aimed at group education, we can bring additional versions to educators, enabling a additional immersive study of making innovation for young minds. We are in addition working on developing a workbook to support students through several projects, revealing them “real world” results when leaning digital create,” Nate says.

But it is significant to understand which the Reach 3D printing device is just on the market as a kit, and can take of 4 to 8 hours to assemble – yet to manufacture it simpler, all the firmware is pre-loaded onto the control boards and equitething is cut to length. “Simply follow the step by step photo create instructions on our website, or reference the exploded diagrams in our user manual,” they say. But the basic kit can cost $249 ($199 as an early bird!), a $70 upgrade kit with LCD screen, SD card reader, heated print bed, 100k thermistor and additional is in addition on the market. More upgrades, such as a metal paste and dual extruder are forthcoming.

Really the just downside to this quite low-cost version is which the Reach team yet needs to set up a production process – just having shipped 20 prototypes so far. Through Kickbeginer backing, they are hoping to begin production on 100 machines a month by late 2016. If you are interested, head over to the Reach 3D printing device crowdfunding campaign here. As a final note, Nate in addition announced to be planning the release different types of free 3D printable files through Thingiverse to manufacture the Reach accessible to equiteone.
SpecificationsFrame – all aluminum 1/8″ laser cut plates and 20×20, 20×40 extrusionsHardware – all metric, 8mm lead screwRails – v-slot and delrin v-wheels, 625ZZ bearingsBelt Drive – GT2-20 tooth pulleys. (aluminum)Electronics – Arduino/Ramps 1.4Motors – Nema 17s, 4000g.cm torqueHot End – J-Head, all metal 1.75mm, E3D Clone (.4mm nozzle) Extruder – geared for speed and strength.Printable Materials – Works with virtually all suppliers of 1.75mm Filaments. Can print in PLA, ABS, PetG, Nylon, NinjaFlex, Faux Metal, etc…Bed – 1/8″ aluminum plateBuild Volume – 200 x 200 x 215 mmPrint Speed – 60-90 mm/s depending on detail.Print Accuracy – 50 micron layer heightAuto Leveling – includedHeated Bed – versional – MK2 up to 100C, fully supportedFull Graphic LCD/SD – versional – fully supportedLaser Cutter/Engraver – DIY – fully supported (easily sourced)Plotter – DIY – fully supportedLight Milling – DIY – fully supported (for soft wood, foam, pcb)Metal Engraving – DIY – fully supportedSoftware – open source – Sketchup, Meshlab, Repetier, Cura, InkscapeCompatibility – Windows. (Mac – Testing, works in virtual Windows, or use the LCD/SD reader), Linux – untested.

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Diego wrote at 2/18/2016 8:42:30 PM:
Cool, another 3d printing device inspired by the 2013 Deezmanufacturer Bukito 3D printing device.

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