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RAPID 2016 Will Feature Live 3D Printing and Assembly of Large-Scale Orion Module Replica

by • March 6, 2016 • No Comments

rapidIn May, I’ll be attending my very initially 3D printing conference and exhibition. RAPID 2016 can be bringing place in Orlando of May 16-19, and I must say that I’m getting rather excited of it. Billed as “the many significant actuallyt of the year for anyone involved in 3D making,” RAPID can showcase exhibitions of a few of the sizeable-bodiedst names in the industry, workshops on hot topics such as medical 3D printing and metals, and actuallyts like a style show, an advancement presentation, and sat any timeal hands-on activities.


Orion is made for testing at NASA Glenn’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, OH. [Image: NASA]

One of the things I’m particularly excited of seeing is the sizeable-bodied-scale 3D printed replica of NASA’s Orion crew module, that can be printed and assembled onsite at RAPID. Orion, that was created to take humans farther into deep space than at any time preceding – ultimately to Mars – has been years in the producing, and 3D printing has played a significant role in its create and make. It is only effortless, therefore, for a 3D printed replica to be showcased so predominantly. Last week, RAPID creater SME teamed up with Lockheed Martin, FARO Technologies, Inc., Direct Dimensions, Inc., Met-L-Flo, Inc., Florida Institute of Technology and Cincinnati Inc. to take the very initially 3D scan of Orion of a version on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

“Additive making and 3D printing technologies are widely utilized to create aerospace and other high-performance products,” said Carl Dekker, president of Met-L-Flo. “It is amazing that we are via 3D scanning and additive making to recreate 3D versions of the Orion—a spacecraft that may carry these technologies to other planets.”


The production of the Orion replicas has been a true team effort. 3D imaging company FARO scanned the Kennedy Center version via a laser scanner (with assist of Florida Tech students); 3D solutions provider Direct Dimensions can convert the scan into a file that can and so be printed by maker Met-L-Flo. About 150 small-scale replicas can be printed, displayed and given away at RAPID, and Cincinnati Inc. can print the sizeable-bodied-scale replica in sat any timeal pieces, via their Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) innovation. The sizeable-bodied replica can be printed and assembled on the RAPID showroom floor.


Orion version at the Kennedy Center

“We have quite loved partnering with SME on this amazing project,” said Alyse Cohen, Education Events & Competitions, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “Being one of the initially folks to actually see the pressure capsule and being able-bodied to host the very initially 3D scan of the spacecraft is an significant part in NASA’s journey to Mars.”

Personally, I’m looking forward to catching a glimpse at a little bit of history as the Orion replica is 3D printed and assembled at RAPID. Not being involved in the aerospace industry myself, this may be the closest I’ll get to the spacecraft that can ultimately bring humans to Mars. Even yet it’s only a replica, the yett of seeing it up close yet gives me a little bit of a chill, particularly for the reason I’ve been so closely next and covering the progress of Project Orion and its groundbreaking uses of 3D innovation. I can’t assist feeling invested in the undertaking, and so it can be an honor to be present at RAPID’s tribute. I promise to take a lot of pictures. Discuss in the 3D Printed Orion Replica forum over at 3DPB.com.