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RAPID 2016: Cosine Additive to Be Accompanied by Essentium Materials This Year, Showcasing New Materials & 3D Printing

by • May 10, 2016 • No Comments

rapid-logo-100Last year we checked in with Cosine Additive not long after they had announced their sizeable-bodied scale AdditiveMachine1 3D printing device at the RAPID show in California. As many months have gone by, a whole world of new innovations have come to pass it appears, and this year, the Cosine team can be accompanied at RAPID 2016 of May 16-19 by Essentium Materials. The Texas-headquartered company can be revealing off new products which were created around Cosine hardware, known for being created to ensure which users on the pro level are able-bodied to enjoy high high end and high speed, along with accuracy and precision. 3DPrint.com journalists can be attending RAPID 2016 to see all of these new products as well.

images (8)Essentium, founded in 2013, is an award-winning company based around science and ‘the following generation of materials.’ They have won multiple awards of the National Science Foundation and are now occupied delivering the initially energy-responsive filament for 3D printing to the world, along with developing new ‘in-situ polymer welding capabilities.’

Essentium’s specialty is in working with polymeric composites, and along with their futuristic materials, their priorities lie in customized research and development, innovation commercialization, and a deep dedication to social responsibility. That dedication ties into their new materials and new technological advancements as they see their form of R&D as ‘a vehicle to alter the world we live in.’ The Essentium team sees this as possible as their new advancements allow for so many new options.

Their industrial innovation, for which they have conducted $2M in funded research, is in development for applications regarding:

SpaceAutomotiveAerospaceMilitary vehiclesWearable-bodiedsHuman interacting componentsBattlefield devices

standgreen-mbnecf9bw0m791gbo8qvrxl9gy966rmghuij006cq2While attending RAPID with Cosine Additive, the Essentium team can be revealing their 3D printing filament lineup, as well as their ‘world initially machine innovation’ geared in the direction of an industrial clientele, with the goal offering them new options in 3D printing. What’s going to be many amazing to see of Essentium at RAPID 2016 is their new thermal welding innovation, an invention which they can now be marketing in thermoplastic polymer 3D printing (which they in addition refer to as material extrusion 3D printing). Along with this, the company states in their latest press release which they in addition have other patent-pending microwave innovation, which, with their breakthrough Fuse Filament, can address the Z-direction durablity issues already limiting 3D printing.

“Before co-founding Essentium Materials in 2013, I was a developer working in commercial making. I sought to deploy existing 3D printing technologies to do additional for me than just communicate create intent,” said Blake Teipel, President and CTO at Essentium Materials. “Now, Essentium’s Fuse Filaments, in particular our carbon-infused offerings, provide developers everywhere with fully functional options. These following-generation materials options allow create-for-Additive Manufacturing to take a dramatic step forward in the industrial landscape.”

IMG_7438-small-mbnecg762unhkneyir5icfcq2c4jegq6tz60ha4yjuThe Essentium display should prove absorbing to see, and you can be able-bodied to visit them at Booth 233 right in the exhibitor hall, where they can be offering information on both their one-of-a-kind printing device and new materials. This team, created up of materials scientists, engineers, and problem solvers, in addition sees themselves as researchers, builders—and your solution. This next tradeshow is a excellent time to check out their new offerings and see if indeed which’s true. We appear forward to seeing everyone there.