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Prototyping firm helps Honda with its push towards driverless technology

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3D Printing followers can unquestionably love to hear which a prototyping company of Letchworth has been helping car making giant Honda with its hustle towards driverless innovation.

Hertfordshire firm Ogle’s cutting-edge innovation was utilized to turn it into concept versions for Honda as part of the Japanese multinational’s bid to create autonomous driving innovation. The sactually versions were utilized for the ‘Honda. Great Journey.’ advertising campaign illustrating what self-driving cars may some day appear like. The car firm plans to put driverless vehicles on the roads by 2020.

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Toys scaled versions dimensions

Each of the 1:24 scaled versions, the dimensions commonly utilized for toy cars, required exact production to accurately reflect the high high end of Honda’s vehicles. Ogle’s stereolithography (SLA) machines – a form of 3D printing – were utilized to turn it into the small component parts for the versions and the firm’s team of version-makers painstaking put the pieces together.

Marketing and Sales Director for Ogle, David Bennion said: “The accuracy demanded of our individuals and machines was worthwhile. To complete the required paint finishes and component parts for the versions, there was no room for error. Each finish had to be executed to perfection, resulting in a seamless appear when being filmed.

“We are incredibly proud to have been selected to create such intricate and one-of-a-kind versions for such a household brand and were pleased to obtain such positive feedback. Innovative solutions were sought throughout. For example, to turn it into a hammock effect, a net finish was completed by sourcing multiple net fabrics and lacquering the component parts, so which they were clear, preceding applying paint over the pattern of the fabric. A considerable amount of time was spent both in create and on the bench to turn it into clearances for paint so which all things may fit and work after the parts had been painted.”

Some of the satisfactory decorative touches were shaped by hand via stainless steel and copper wire to turn it into a robust and realistic effect.

honda image insert 3.jpg

Ogle’s paint department were tasked with bringing finishes which had never been turn it intod preceding. The meticulous system included applying a instruction coat of paint to every of the versions to ensure all items were rubbed down correctly preceding being sandblasted to actually all the surfaces and soften any remaining layers.

In the final assembly, all the parts were thoroughly tested to allow for the required movement inside every version. Two of the sactually versions, The Mountain Climber and Jungle Jumper, went through actually additional inspection for the reason most elements were functional and needed to move, so the overall balance and durablity of the version had to be tested and maintained.


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