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Proto Labs Shows Increased Revenue in Their Q2 Financial Results

by • July 27, 2016 • No Comments

imagesIf you are attempting to determine whether a company is succeeding or not, one of key words to appear out for is ‘expansion’, which generally entails internal growth and a next increase of ractuallyue. If you require proof of this, appear no additional than the Maple Plain, Minnesota-headquartered making solutions provider Proto Labs, which has expanded their reach both within and outside of the 3D printing industry. Last year, they increased their employment numbers significantly, tacking on 170 new jobs in their North Carolina facility. Around the same time period, Proto Labs revealed which they’d be integrating additive making into their production system, which previously mainly used injection molding and CNC machining.

Last week, Proto Labs expanded their making services yet again, introducing Concept Laser’s LaserCUSING innovation into their new 77,000-square-foot facility later on this year. As they go on to increase the number of services they contribute to their customers, their not long ago released 2nd quarter financial results show which the new expansions have paid off. According to their Q2 results, Proto Labs has brought in a ractuallyue of $75 million, a 17% increase of the $64 million they posted at the same time last year. $4.8 million of their ractuallyue came of the German company Alphaform, which Proto Labs acquired during their final quarter of 2015.

proto-labs-officeThe ractuallyue created of their 3D printing services shows an actually greater percentage of growth, totaling $9.1 million ($7 million excluding Alphaform), which is a whopping 29% increase of the 2nd quarter of 2015. The number of one-of-a-kind product developers and engineers was 13,519, a 14 percent increase compared to the 11,822 of last year. It appears which, in approximately each concentrated area, Proto Labs has shown a few sort of growth during the Q2, especially in the 3D printing sector. In fact, the one negative noted in the financial report appears to be the lack of growth of their injection molding and CNC machining in the Americas.

“Ractuallyue growth was solid in the 2nd quarter, driven by go ond sturdy growth in 3D printing, durablity in our European markets, and the contribution of Alphaform,” said Vicki Holt, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We were in addition jubilant with the legacy growth in Europe in the quarter, which grew 24 percent and we saw an improved performance in Japan with a ractuallyue increase of 46 percent year over year. In the Americas, we experienced slower than expected growth in injection molding and CNC machining. This was primarily due to a slowdown in the US industrial economy as well as attrition in sales leadership.”

protolabs-prototype-back-1400x365.pngIn addition to their overall increase in ractuallyue, Proto Labs produced $19.9 million in cash during Q2, while total cash and investments increased $7.1 million during the quarter. On the other hand the making service bureau appears to be on the right track, they did see a decreased gross margin, which can partially be attributed to Alphaform, which had a 310 basis point negative impact on the gross margin. As for Proto Labs’ next plans, their CEO states which they can go on to work towards improving the sales growth, especially in the Americas. All in all, Proto Labs has a quite great reason to be confident in their skill to store expanding, as their number of acquisitions, on the market making systemes, and overall ractuallyue go ons to expand upward. Discuss Further in the Proto Labs Q2 Results forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Proto Labs via Business Wire]