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With a FY2016 budget of $573 billion, the Department of Defense is hoping to increase the total amount of defense spending to $582.7 billion for FY2017. That’s a lot of digits! Fortunately, it can all be going to useful things which many ordinary citizens care deeply of, like 3D printed micro drones.

ash carter says 3D printed micro drones

In a preview of the Pentagon’s fiscal year 2017 budget request, Defense Secretary Ash Carter discussed the proposed $582.7 billion budget inside the context of what the DoD considers “five evolving challenges”, specifically four sovereign nations – Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran – and the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Carter explains, “In this budget we are bringing the long view. We have to. Even as we fight today’s battles, we must in addition be created for the battles which can come 10, 20 or 30 years down the road.”

department of defense to spend money on 3D printing

This long view is intended to include weaponry in fact additional high-tech than the US’ may already world-dominant fighting capabilities, such as GPS-guided smart bombs and laser-guided rockets. $71.4 billion can in addition be utilized on research and development to fuel the arms race for entirely new types of weapons, which include self-driving networked boats, gun-based missile defense, and an arsenal plane which turns one of the department’s older planes into a flying commence pad for a range of conventional payloads.” The DoD in addition hopes to use these funds to create micro drones which can be 3D printed.

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If it sounds like I can not agree with this military spending, it’s for the reason I don’t. In 2015, the US spent a total of $1.1 trillion, with the lion’s share, 54%, spent on the military. Carter may be deem it acceptable for additional than half of taxpayer dollars to go towards a 30-year plan to ensure which the country spends additional on its military budget than the following sin fact countries combined, but when the US is ranked 37th in the world in terms of health, 31 in mathematics, 23 in science, 17 in reading, and 4th in terms of inequality, I wonder if we don’t have our priories, long- and short-term, in order.

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    Note no mention of precisely how much of this budget is in fact for these micro drones. it may be a micro part of the budget. No doubt this money can in addition be utilized for 3D Printing jet parts as well as weapons systems… Ya didn’t mention which.

  • John Galt

    The ending is a little misleading. The Defense portion of the budget equals of 17% of the Federal budget and of 4.5% of GDP. As a member of NATO we are required to spend at quite least 4%. Of course our NATO allies can not spend which much and we carry the water for them.

    Whilst it is true we spend a lot on our military, the representation created is in addition off for the reason of simplification. China lies of how much it spends and, along with a lot of other countries, they pay their lower enlisted troops almany nothing for the reason they are conscripts. Almany half of the US Defense budget is spent on personnel.

    But a comparison between military’s is not quite fair when we are a global superpower, with interests around the world, and other do not. The military is in fact getting smaller in dimensions than it was prior to WWII and is way undermanned for the responsibility which is foisted upon it. We quite require to add a few combat brigades, an aviation brigade and another carrier to get close to what we require for the undertaking. When we went to war we had to increase the dimensions of the Army by 150,000 troops. Now we are way at a lower place which number. One reason the Pentagon is pushing so complex for unmanned aircraft and other technological solutions is for the reason of the low manpower requirements.