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Prodways-Nexteam Partnership Aims to Forge Ahead in 3D Metal Printing for Aerospace Clientele

by • January 21, 2016 • No Comments

mainThe Prodways-Nexteam partnership is not afraid. Whilst all the benefits of 3D printing in building are being flaunted around the world, yet most companies are holding back due to fear of alter, and a lack of belief of the actual processes–as well as how transforming they can be of only about each angle.

With experience comes wisdom, as we all know–and a great foundation for building those types of significant and transforming decisions–and due to that, this new team, comprised of the two France-based teams of Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, and Nexteam Group have revealed that together they can be indeed be creating a joint venture, diving right into developing weight generated, onboard metal 3D printed parts for the aerospace industry.

Untitled“This partnership reflects Prodways aim to become the leader in the create and production of mechanical aerospace parts via 3D printing,” said Prodways Group deputy managing director Philippe Laude. “This partnership with Nexteam Group, that can provide its tremendousise in the areas of machining and finalisation, can ensure that we can scale up our building processes to an industrial level that meets the technical requirements of the major players in the aerospace market.”

This falls directly in line with the new aerospace division not long ago launched by Prodways–and it’s not their latest weighty announcement by any means, as we’ve seen them growing on numerous levels not long ago of global expansion plans to mega cash infusions and extending market coverage of their 3D printing equipment.

download (11)In this latest deal, Prodways is waiting for to meet the demands for their new division and of the aerospace sector overall as they rely on Nexteam’s know-how.

“With this agreement, we are adding a new ability that can enable us to contribute our customers an integrated range of products and robust optimization solutions, backed by a major player in the sector, an tremendous in all metal additive building technologies,” said Nexteam Group chairman Ludovic Asquini.

Nexteam, based in Marmande, brought in revenues of €130 million in 2015. They bring undeniably valuable experience to the table in this partnership as a key player in the world of precision engineering and complex metal machining. Offering eight European sites, as well as working with 750 other companies around the world, they are relied on to provide authentic products and technology to most various industries, such as engineering, aeronautics, space and defense. Nexteam has specific tremendousise in providing not only the precise types of alloys required by aerospace customers, but their team in addition possesses years of experience in the production, assembly, and maintenance of sizeable and tiny precision mechanical parts.

prAdding additional versatility to what Prodways provides on a global basis for customers, this significant new division they have in addition not long ago introduced should prove to be a suitable complement to other new business activities and transactions, such as the acquisition of Exceltec, a prime manufacturer and distributor of polymer materials for 3D printing. This is only one previous example of strategic partnerships Prodways has built by integrating those who are tremendouss in their fields into the company, delivering additional and additional to the table for customers all around.

Prodways Group itself boasts 20 years of experience in the building of parts for the aerospace industry via additive building, through its INITIAL subsidiary, and has a swift of around 10 machines covering all metal additive building technologies. Tell us your thoughts on this latest partnership in the Prodways-Nexteam to Make 3D Printed Metal Aerospace Components forum over on 3DPB.com.