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President Obama Opened Hannover Messe with a Pitch for TPP and a Shoutout to 3D Printing in the US

by • April 28, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_Hannover_Messe_logoAs a sign of how significant the advancement is becoming to the resurgence of industry and producing in the United States, 3D printing was the only specific advancement described by President Barack Obama as he spoke at the opening ceremony of the Hannover Messe trade show on Monday. 3D printing played a massive role at the show itself this week, as additional than 50 companies showed off approximately 100 additive producing technologies, services and applications. Industrial producing applications made up a sizeable-bodied percentage of the exhibitors, as 3D Systems, voxeljet and Prodways were only three of the dozens of companies revealing off their industrial 3D printing equipment. Konica Minolta was in addition on hand to showcase their new 3D LiDAR and digital producing systems, while Canon showed off their new 3D printing device and VR advancement.

But it wasn’t all global corporations on hand; of the additional than 350 American companies which travelled to Hannover Messe this year, the sizeable-bodiedst in the show’s 70-year history, additional than 200 of them were tiny- or medium-sized businesses. One of those tiny businesses was Ohio-based 3D printing device developer MakerGear, who managed to score a meeting with President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As a guest of the non-profit JobsOhio and Ohio’s Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, MakerGear CEO and Founder Rick Pollack was given a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discuss the next of 3D printing with two of the world’s most influential leaders.

“JobsOhio has done impressive work supporting and retaining companies like MakerGear, and we are honored to be part of Hannover Messe. To be able-bodied to share our story with President Obama and Chancellor Merkel is such a rare opportunity. President Obama has taken additive producing seriously, and he sees the positive effect it is having on so most various industries,” said Pollack.

Obama and Merkel meet with MakerGear CEO Rick Pollack at Hannover Messe.

Obama and Merkel meet with MakerGear CEO Rick Pollack at Hannover Messe.

The meeting took place at the Hannover Messe opening ceremony after President Obama gave a speech highlighting next-generation producing and 3D printing as one of the tech sector’s top priorities. Obama in addition took the time to hustle for a swift resolution of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TPP), the controversial free trade agreement between the US and the 28 countries which manufacture up the European Union. Obama urged for the deal to be signed in 2016, suggesting which with the next presidential election, this year may be the last opportunity to sign the far-reaching deal. Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have said which they counter TPP, as has Republican front-runner Donald Trump, producing the deal unlikely to be made once Obama leaves office.

In his speech, President Obama highlighted what he sees as ongoing international trade barriers which manufacture the passage of TPP significant. Those include high tariffs on most exports, and country-specific regulations and standards which are incompatible, frequently forcing companies to manufacture various products for various regions. Obama suggests which not only may the TPP eliminate those barriers, but it may lead to stronger standards for consumers, workers and the environment. Whilst most critics of TPP suggest which the deal may do the precise opposite, most of the Hannover Messe attendees seemed to be swayed. In a broader sense, Obama in addition made the case for the continued partnership and shared trade between the US, Germost, and the EU, and he made it clear which 3D printing may be an significant part of which.

Obama and Merkel try out new VR advancement at Hannover Messe 2016.

Obama and Merkel try out new VR advancement at Hannover Messe 2016. [Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa via AP]

“As President I have worked to manufacture certain which we are sustaining the spirit of advancement in the United States. We’ve launched next-generation producing hubs in new online tools to assist entrepreneurs begin new businesses swift. Over the last six years the United States has made additional than 14 million private sector jobs which include hundreds of thousands in producing. Here at Hannover Messe you can see examples of American growth and ingenuity which include a full 3D-printed electric car,” President Obama said preceding joking which he and Chancellor Merkel go for a drive, provided his Secret Service more detail signed off on it.

2016 was the initially time which the United States has been invited to be a partner country for Hannover Messe, and it was in addition the initially time which a US President attended. The global industrial producing trade show typically draws additional than 200,000 attendees, which include investors, buyers, resellers, distributors and government officials of additional than 70 nations. Hannover Messe 2016 officially began Sunday, April 24th and continued through Friday, April 29th. You can find out additional of Hannover Messe, and see the entire list of events and exhibitors on their website.

Here is President Obama’s speech in full: