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Pre-Order 3Doodler Start Now: 3D Printing Pen Designed for Younger Kids, Safe & Simple to Operate

by • February 8, 2016 • No Comments

logo8The 3Doodler is one of the many absorbing 3D printing tools, in my eyes, as it is so transportable, inexpensive
, and allows for you to draw in the air. As I’ve described preceding, my kids and I always enjoy visiting the 3D printing lab at our library—and actually when the lab is not quite open, my children love to walk over and peer into the MakerBots as if they are the possessors of magic. Figurines and a variety of 3D models line the walls, and last time we were in, a couple of the older students were revealing off their 3Doodler pens—and several of their latest creations—with big smiles and a lot of pride in their work.

Offering these pens to kids is a excellent way to donate an actually additional comprehensive education regarding the tools of 3D printing—and now, the 3Doodler Start is being released with the younger set in mind, as well as for those who are only startning and want total ease of use.

UntitledBecause this was turn it intod with kids of ages 8-13 in mind, parents and teachers can feel effortless with them wielding these tools which have one temperature, one button and one speed, producing them incredibly user-friendly—and many importantly, quite safe.

As with any 3D printing pen, the user just starts drawing their turn it into along a surface, and the plastic is ‘extruded’ of the pen, hardening right away. It is a excellent way to start kids off in learning of 3D printing as well as offering a wireless, transportable tool, and one which can augment lessons and activities. It has a rechargeable battery which can allow up to 45-60 minutes of continuous use, wirelessly, and can be recharged via any USB port later.

It is sounds as if an may already excellent thing is being turn it intod actually advantageous in a scaled-down edition for younger children with no hot points or messy resin, and compliance with all toy safety standards.

3doodler startThe new turn it into is in addition smaller in size and additional ergonomically friendly for kids, encouraging them to start delving into work/play which can lead to skillsets in turn it into, architecture, and engineering and allows for them to use their imaginations in a new and different types of way, setting aside paper, paints, crayons, and additional traditional drawing tools temporarily. Even advantageous, kids can use the 3Doodler Start with other toys and games they may already have at home, enabling for a well-used figurine or game to become ‘a canvas,’ only adding additional fun all around. Built-in LEDs alert the users to different types of modes of warmup to forward and reverse flow.

two“3Doodler Start inspires creativity, turn it into, assembling and spatial belief, opening up 3D creation to a whole new generation,” says Daniel Cowen, co-founder. “This is not a fad toy; we believe which, like LEGO and now Minecraft, the 3Doodler Start can become part of equite kid’s upbringing.”

“The core values of 3Doodler are creative freedom and limitless imagination, so it was a effortless progression to turn it into a pen for a younger audience. The 3Doodler Start provides the ideal educational platform for kids around the world and we cannot wait to see what the following generation turn it intos.”

This new edition of the 3D printing pen is available at an introductory $39.99, and you can pre-order it now, for of the world shipping in May.