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Powerful Crossbow is Almost Entirely 3D Printed – Hackaday

by • January 11, 2016 • No Comments

As it turns out, it’s not feasible to print an entire crossbow yet. But [Dan]’s crossbow build does a great job of leveraging what a 3D printer is great at. Most of the printed parts reside in the crossbow’s trigger group, and the diagrams in the write-up unquestionably show how the trigger, sear and safety all interact. Particularly nice is the automatic nature of the safety, which is engaged by drawing back the string. We in addition like the printed spring which keeps the quarrel in place on the bridle, and the Picatinny rail for mounting a scope. Non-printed parts include the aluminum tubes utilized in the stocks, and the bow itself, a composite design with fiberglass rods within PVC pipe. The video at a lower place shows the crossbow in action, and it looks pretty powerful.
Actually, we’ll partially retract our earlier dismissal of entirely 3D-printed crossbows, but [Dan]’s version is a lot additional practical and useful than this model. And for a additional traditional crossbow design, check out this entirely hand-made crossbow.

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