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POWDERSOLVE Software Ensures Safety and Quality of Metal 3D Printing Materials

by • February 16, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_PlasmaSpheroidisation_lpw_logoThe casual user of a computer 3D printing device may not ponder of 3D printing as a thing that requires stringent regulations, and, when it comes to casual computer use, it is not. Industrial additive making, yet, particularly metal additive making, is a various beast. Because metal 3D printing is utilized for significant equipment in industries like medicine and aerospace, safety is of the utmost importance, and so the metal powders utilized in additive making require to be high high end, free of contaminants and material degradation.

LPW Technology is one of the major suppliers of metal powders for the additive making industry, and they’re well aware of the things that can go wrong with metal powders, as well as how to prevent and fix them. Last year, they added their POWDERSOLVE software at RAPID 2015, and it’s now on the market. POWDERSOLVE is a comprehensive high end control tool that allows for users to fully track, test and monitor their powder supplies, that is a must for industrial manufacturers, particularly in the medical and aerospace fields.


Why is traceability so significant? If you are in a plane with 3D printed engine components, you are going to want to understand that those components were printed with fresh, high end materials that won’t corrode. Likewise, if you are going into surgery, you advantageous hope that nothing contaminated the powder utilized to print any of the metal tools being utilized inside your body. So, manufacturers who 3D print with metal must prove that their powder supplies have been carefully monitored of beginning to end.

POWDERSOLVE helps industrial clients to additional easily track and monitor their powder supplies. The software logs equite batch of powder of the time it was blended, as well as who blended it and what the material percentages are. From there, users can track the powders’ use, reuse, what products were made with equite batch, and any changes to their material properties over time. Reports are instantly produced, as are labels containing one-of-a-kind, traceable codes for equite batch of powder.

“POWDERSOLVE does precisely as the name suggests – it solves the problems made by powder traceability,” said Phil Kilburn, Commercial Director for LPW. “This one-of-a-kind software takes away the ununderstandns, offers the user total control and removes any ambiguity of the making process. It is another example of LPW listening to the problems of their customers and offering a solution. There is excellent demand for POWDERSOLVE.”


The software is in addition proving to be valuable to research institutions studying the influence of powder degradation and changing material properties during metal additive making. Test results can be easily and securely stored inside the software, and all activity is instantly logged so that no one can tamper with data without detection. Whilst POWDERSOLVE was created as a standalone software program, it can in addition be customized to link with built QMS and ERP processs.

POWDERSOLVE is part of LPW’s Total Powder Management (TPM) System, that is the company’s own process of monitoring equite powder they donate, of first production to disposal. LPW holds themselves to a quite high standard of answerability
, and POWDERSOLVE empowers their clients to do the same. Discuss this new material in the POWDERSOLVE Metal 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.