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Porcelite will allow you to 3D print in porcelain – htxt.africa

by • February 3, 2016 • No Comments

3D printing products company Tethon 3D has made a Kickstarter campaign for Porcelite, a ceramic porcelain resin which can allow anyone with a UV-based 3D printing device to turn it into porcelain prints.
These Porcelite prints, like regular porcelain, can require to be heated in a kiln to harden. After this system, Tethon 3D claims which the resulting print can be 100% procelin (implying which any other reagents in the material can be removed by the heat in the kiln).
Once your fancy new print has been hardened, you can apply paint and glaze as you please.
Porcelite-Tethon-3D-3A small porcelain print.
The campaign is just looking to raise $5 000 (R79 967) to weight create, bottle and ship the product, so all the leg work to in fact create Porcelite has may already been done.
At the time of this writing, the campaign was just a meagre $30 (R480) of meeting its goal.

If you in fact want a few of this stuff, you will require to shell out $200 (R3 200) for a litre bottle. Other contribution options include T-Shirts, Skype tutorials on how to use the product, and actually workshops at the Tethon 3D studio in Nebraska.
The promised Porcelite bottles have a shipping date of April 2016, with the other products in March. Luckily, it ships worldwide.[Source – 3D Printing Industry, Image – Tethon 3D on kickstarter]

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