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Porcelite: 3D Print with New Porcelain Resin & Then Fire & Glaze Your Ceramic Models—on Kickstarter Now

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

Untitled3D printing has come a long way in a quite short time, with a huge surge into the mainstream. Hardware and software are becoming on the market to meet only of equite maker’s and manufacturer’s require, and the versions for innovating seem to be endless as growing competition in the marketplace means accessibility, growing showcases, and affordability. This unquestionably applies to the realm of materials too, where it’s no longer a matter of users being restricted to 3D printing with only ABS or PLA. Whereas once the conversation may have been of a gaming figurine and what type of plastic it was made with, at the present time it is much additional complex—whether you are an artist building sculptures for your following installation, or an entrepreneur delving into a additional specialized realm.

ab956f623f1ed2cb6a1fc2d1cfd2bd9f_originalCurrently, most have the luxury of explaining how their pieces were fabricated via carbon, titanium, wood, sandstone, wax, and the list goes on. But it’s not equite day you hear of pieces 3D printed in porcelain. With its multi-faceted uses harkening back to the beginning of pottery building and the use of fired clay as early as 24,000 BC, porcelain brings to mind classic elegance. Tethon 3D, headquartered in Omaha, wants to translate which now to the resin 3D printing device—and they’ve in addition only launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to raise $5K by March 2.

Meant for SLA/DLP 3D printing, their new material, Porcelite Ceramic Resin, allows for those via 3D printing equipment with a UV light source to have the version to print in a true porcelain ceramic material. The material allows for users to enjoy high-resolution more details in their 3D prints. It in addition contributes:

Electrical insulationHeat toleranceNonmagnetic qualitiesOxidation resistanceSuperior durability

“We made Porcelite to provide a ceramic material for the growing market of UV light source computer desktop 3D printing equipment,” says Karen Linder, President and CEO of Tethon 3D. “Porcelite is a photo-cured resin material which fabricates a solid ceramic composite straight of the 3D printing device. If desired, it can be fired in a kiln, resulting in a 100% porcelain object suitable for glazing or other traditional ceramic finishes.”

“In addition to its technical qualities, Porcelite creates attractive pieces which are a pleasure to view and hold,” adds Linder.

red buffaloMeant for those 3D printing on any level, once the user has made and 3D printed their version via Porcelite, it’s eager to go directly into the kiln—and can be glazed and finished. Because of the more detail it affords, this new material is suitable for a wide range of items, of industrial components to jewelry.

Those wishing to back their Kickstarter campaign can find a delightful list of rewards. At the $20 mark, you obtain a somehow rad Tethon tee. Beyond which, at the $30-$50 mark, backers can appear forward to receiving their choice of .stl files for items like the Tethon buffalo logo, a twisted woven cube, a pendant made by 3D artist Max Kaeter—or all three in one box. And for an investment of $200, backers obtain one liter of porcelain resin.

What’s in fact additional informative of this campaign yet is the range of seminars and workshops Tethon contributes to those backing their campaign. If you pledge $100, you have access to a one hour Skype guide contributeing tips on 3D versioning, 3D scanning, SLA/DLP 3D printing, or ceramic 3D printing topics. For $500, a full-day workshop is provided at the Tethon Studios in Omaha. There, they contribute guides or only an opportunity to hang at their headquarters. For $1500, your whole group can come for a workshop and remain the night in their awe-inspiring guest house, with meals provided.b8eb61dfb80c1940151c6d895acf9bab_original

With the funds of the Kickstarter campaign, the team plans to focus on making, bottling, packaging and distributing the new Porcelite material.

Tethon 3D manufactures Tethonite ceramic powder, binder and other supplies for 3D printing. The company in addition provides service in 3D versioning, scanning and ceramic 3D printing, as well as 3D printing educational workshops and a residency program. Additionally, the company is active in materials development in ceramics and other composites for use in SLA/DLP 3D printing, and olds intellectual property in ceramic materials and 3D printing hardware. Their name Tethon in fact translates to ‘white buffalo,’ a nod to the Omaha Indians of Nebraska. Is this a resin you are interested in backing? Discuss in the Porcelite 3D Printing Resin forum over at 3DPB.com.