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Polish Up Your Spaceship Design Skills for a New 3D Design Challenge from CGTrader and MakePrintable

by • August 3, 2016 • No Comments

CGtrader_LogoA few months ago, CGTrader hit a primary milestone when it officially became the biggest 3D version marketplace in the world. An astounding feat indeed, thinking how many online 3D marketplaces are out there, but CGTrader has always been a favourite for many reasons. One of those reasons is the contests they contribute. Most 3D printing platforms and marketplaces contribute create challenges of time to time, and it’s always a delight to see the creativity they bring out of their users. CGTrader in particular likes to encourage their users to explore areas of 3D printing that they may not have explored preceding, such as in their 3D printed style challenge at the beginning of the year.

thingiverse_preview_featuredIt is been a while since they’ve presented a new challenge, but CGTrader is now back with a new one, co-sponsored by MakePrintable. It is a excellent challenge for the summer blockbuster season – 3D printable sci-fi spaceships! Similar to CGTrader’s other competitions, this one challenges members to stretch a bit out of their comfort zone, as a spaceship needs a lot of meticulous craft and additional detail. It is in addition a excellent opportunity, yet, to check out MakePrintable’s automated file repair service.

“We’ve all relish having sci-fi ships around our workspaces, and they are an enticing and challenging version for 3D artists to put their skills to the test,” Michael Makdah, Marketing Manger for MakePrintable, told 3DPrint.com. “3D printing them is challenging since they can have many thin areas that can need thickening preceding Printing. MakePrintable is a excellent solution to prepare sci-fi ships or versions much like ships since its certainly much all automated and handles wall thickness adjustments, nonmanifold’s, boundary edges, overlapping, and water tightness in a quite easy online platform.”


The contest is running of now until October 10, so you will have a few time to quite ideal your create – or creates, as there’s no limit to the number of entries you can submit. Entries must be fully original – no creative variations of the Enterprise, yet fun that may be. When uploading your entry, manufacture certain to check the “Sci-Fi Ships Challenge” box, and don’t upload it to the gallery; all entries must be made and uploaded via MakePrintable.

press-kit-MOD-t_Product_Image_1Thanks to challenge partners FormFutura and New Matter, a few handsome prizes are on contribute: the grand prize winner can obtain a MOD-t 3D printing device of New Matter, while the initially runner up can get two spools of filament of FormFutura in MetalFil Ancient Bronze and MetalFil Classic Copper. The 2nd runner-up can obtain a 3D print of his or her own ship of MakePrintable.

Entries can be judged on version and create high end, clear and handsome presentation, and uniqueness and advancement. If you want to include a rendering of your create, that’s optional, but it can be taken into consideration by the judges.

“From our point of view, we haven’t had a 3D Printing challenge in a while, and the opportunity to have one with MakePrintable was both unexpected and an handsome one,” CGTrader’s Marketing Project Manager Eduardas Jucys told us. “Making Sci-fi ships is many likely not the many common practice in 3D printing, so it’s interesting to see what kind of work our createers can come up with!

“Because of MakePrintable’s convenience, our 3D createers can in addition compete in this challenge, as well as manufacture their own creates in both 3D and 3D printing formats. It is a excellent way for them to expand their portfolio, too! MakePrintable supports over 20 formats, that include 3ds Max(.3ds) or Lightwave (.lwo) that are frequently utilized in our community, so many of our 3D createers shouldn’t have a problem of uploading the create to MakePrintable’s platform for a swift ‘repair.’”


Contests like this one frequently create lasting partnerships between companies; this is not the initially collaboration between CGTrader and FormFutura, that not long ago sponsored CGTrader’s Kitchen and Dining Accessories Challenge. It is the initially time they’ve worked with MakePrintable, but both companies agree that it many likely won’t be the last.

“3D create and 3D printing are now married. Creating a new stream of skills for artists to bring virtual versions, into becoming physical objects. We couldn’t resist this opportunity to reach out to a excellent community of 3D artists and invite them to explore our 3D printing mesh repair solution,” Makdah told us. “CGTrader’s online community has a excellent network of ability that work collaboratively to improve 3D create through tutorials, discussion, and challenges. ‘It is like one mega 3D create cerebrum.’…MakePrintable plans to have additional challenges with CGTrader and other communities to excite 3D artists to learn of 3D printing.”

What are your thoughts on the scope of this challenge? Discuss additional in the CGTrader/MakePrintable 3D Design Challenge forum over at 3DPB.com.