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Pokemon Go Players Are Finding Real 3D Printed Pokemon at Pokestops and Gyms

by • July 18, 2016 • No Comments

Pokemon Go gameplay.

Pokémon Go gameplay.

If your social media feeds appear anything like mine, and so they are full of adults running around their cities appearing for virtual animals to catch and other adults complaining of people running around their cities appearing for virtual animals to catch. In an election season that has, to put it mildly, been a bit contentious, social media has become actually additional divided thanks to the new release of the mobile app game Pokémon Go. The augmented reality game uses real world maps to encourage players to get out of the house and explore their surroundings to hunt for Pokémon to catch, train and and so battle with other players.

Considering the popularity of Pokémon actually preceding the mobile game was released — the Nintendo franchise has produced additional than $46 billion of the world — Pokémon Go was always going to be a successful venture. But no one may have anticipated the excitement being produced by the game, that has been estimated to be played daily by additional than 21 million people. Pokémon Go players can find supplies and other special prizes and equipment at Pokéstops randomly scattered around the city, usually in public places, and battle other Pokémon at Pokégyms. Not just have many of the local businesses lucky adequate to either be a Pokéstop or be adjoining to one benefited financially, but parks, landmarks and other public spaces have in addition seen huge spikes in foot traffic.

Gotta catch 'em all. So manufacture them fight equite other. And sell your excess Pokemon to a "scientist" for a few candy.

Gotta catch ’em all. So manufacture them fight equite other. And sell your excess Pokémon to a “scientist” for a few candy.

Whilst the merits of adults playing a Pokémon game may be a hotly debated topic, in my view there are quite few viable arguments against a game that encourages people to get out of the house, get exercise, explore their city and socialize with strangers. The game in addition has in addition discovered itself a excellent vehicles to lure in players to experiences and ideas that they may not have had a lot of exposure to. Social groups are via it to draw in new participants, churches are via it to bring people back to the church and activists are via it to spread their messages. It is as if the game has, in just a matter of days, evolved into a deliquite platform for those willing to engage with players pretty than ridicule them.

Last week Matthew Beaman, a Pokémon Go player and 3D printing enthusiast, decided to use the high traffic at local Pokéstops as an excuse to put a few smiles on players faces and promote 3D printing at the same time. He 3D printed several of the classic Low Poly Pokémon models and left and so around his local Pokéstops for wandering trainers to find. He in addition made the hashtag #Pokeprint that has started to get a few heat behind it. Lots of people have joined in, 3D printed a bunch of Pokémon-themed models and printed up tiny slips of paper encouraging people to tweet when they find their real life Pokémon in the world.

via Twitter user @JimScuba2386 via Twitter user @JimScuba2386via Twitter user @zervin via Twitter user @zervinvia Twitter user @zervin via Twitter user @zervin

The #Pokeprint hashtag has in addition discovered its way into the mainstream media as local 3D printing experts use it to generate excitement and get people out appearing for their 3D printed models. Even Orange County, California-based 3D printing company Matterhackers has gotten in on the fun by leaving 3D printed Pokémon laying around high-traffic Pokéstops with attached coupons for their products and services.

Find our Chikorita #pokeprint at the “Giant Wheel” gym and get $5 off your future roll of filament! #PokemonGOpic.twitter.com/s7LJ5bceL2

— MatterHackers (@MatterHackers) July 17, 2016

One other accident to get $5 off your future roll! Catch our Tododile #pokeprint at Irvine Spectrum Fountain #Pokestop. pic.twitter.com/dmZtYeGfiL

— MatterHackers (@MatterHackers) July 17, 2016

It is not equiteday that a video game can be cited for being beneficial to both those choosing to play the game, and those who unintentionally find themselves part of the experience. Whilst there have been a handful of stories here and there of players going places that they shouldn’t, and wandering into dangerous situations, the overwhelming interactions between players and equiteone else has been positive. My experiences are purely anecdotal, yet whenever I have come across a group of players they have not just been friendly and courteous to those not playing, but additional than willing to explain what equitething is of to the curious.

I was out to dinner at a casual restaurant last night future to a Pokéstop, and not just were a majority of the guests players of the game, I saw them explaining it to several man patrons who ended up downloading the game for themselves. I have may already dropped off a few 3D printable treats at a few local Pokéstops, but it had completely slipped my mind to bring a few with me to leave behind, a mistake that I won’t be building again. Not just is it a excellent way to get people talking of 3D printing, but it is a excellent way for all of us in the industry to join a national conversation.

Ten 3D printable Pokemon Go Things.

Ten 3D printable Pokémon Go Things.

If you want to join in on the Poképrint fun, and so here is a collection of free Pokémon Go-themed 3D printable models that I put together this weekend. Happy Pokéhunting! Are you a fan? Discuss over in the Pokémon Go Fan Leaves 3D Prints forum over at 3DPB.com.