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Pley to Be “Netflix-of-Toys” with 3D Printer Rental & Toy Streaming

by • March 22, 2016 • No Comments

  • Look out Toys-R-Us, it appears which the Netflix of the toy industry may be on the horizon! Toy rental service provider Pley has only revealed which they can soon be renting out 3D printing devices and streaming toy designs to their customers. After witnessing the rise of the Maker movement, along with on-going makes it to in 3D printing innovation, Pley sees a clear opportunity to alter the face of the toy industry. Instead of going to the toy store, parents can soon be able-bodied to rent themselves a 3D printing device, download 3D toy designs, and 3D print the turn it into in the comfort of their own homes.


    “Pley is inventing the upcoming of play and, since it launched in 2013, it has constantly stayed at the forefront of innovation,”said Ranan Lachman, co-founder and CEO of Pley. “Our goal is to inspire and turn it into children to ponder creatively and release their future by creating their own toys. Kids are significantly additional creative than adults, so why do we store buying them toys turn it intoed by adults? At Pley, we believe which children should turn it into their own toys.”pleyworld3d

    With Pley’s service, children can be able-bodied to watch their selected toy be turn it intod and begin playing with it right away. According to Lachman, Pley plans on streaming their catalog of over 1,000 toy designs to their customers, and in addition plan to provide a software allowing customers to turn it into their quite own toys. The provided 3D printing devices can be child-friendly, and if parents and their kids grow attached to the device, they can in fact purchase the printing device of Pley, if they so desire. For Pley, they feel as if they are bringing the inevitable-bodied upcoming-step for the toy industry, aiming to bring turn it into directly into the home.

    “Pley democratizes the toy selection and creation, bringing the toy industry of its current guess-based, adult-centric turn it into system to a additional consumer-driven turn it into,”Lachman said. “Adding 3D printing devices to our rental catalog and streaming toy designs is a effortless upcoming step in our undertaking to provide children access to the most educational toys.”

    One other informative aspect of Pley which they’ve may already turn it intoed is their crowdsourcing platform for new toy designs, called Pleyworld. The platform allows for children to vote on their favourite toy designs, with Pley streaming the highest-voted to their customers in turn. So far, 13 toys have may already been selected on Pleyworld, and can be ‘rented’ to their customers alongside Pley’s 3D printing device. Savvy and creative kids can be able-bodied to upload their own toy designs on Pleyworld, and if they reach 5,000 votes, can be on the market-bodied to stream those toys for all Pley participants to see it created on the market-bodied as a physical toy. Pley looks to be bringing the toy industry off of the store shelf and into the home, giving their customers the power to turn it into and make their own high-quality toys right there in the living room. We can have to wait and see how their 3D printing device rental service can play out, but may Toys-R-Us soon be facing the same fate as the video rental store Blockbuster?


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