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Pley Offers Model of the Future for Toy Companies—Rent Items, 3D Printers, Stream Designs

by • March 21, 2016 • No Comments

pley logoAs 3D printing starts transforming areas like the medical industry with quite serious innovations that frequently remind us equitething of our favourite sci-fi movies to the Six Million Dollar Man, other areas are experiencing worthwhile positive impact too–and they don’t all involve life or death scenarios–or work. There’s no finer example of this than the toy industry, where many turn it intoers and innovators are reaping the rewards of independence through new innovation–better yet yet, the kids are enjoying all the new toys and fun.

Many developers see the rising talked about ity of digital turn it into and 3D printing in the home, with kids frequently bringing the initiative—and they are building strides to provide kid-friendly equipment, kits, and additional. With the knowledge that frequently 3D printing equipment themselves are yet too cost-prohibitive for a few—and especially as kids and parents are just dipping their toes in the water—Pley has just begun contributeing a rental program for 3D printing equipment, along with their regular toy rental programs that start at $9.99 a month. Not just that, they can in addition contribute a streaming service so that all but, kids have all the choices and ‘supplies’ they require for downloading and fabricating a wide version of fun stuff.

images (5)This is a company that does not mind pushing boundaries when it comes to finding new ways for kids to be entertained and learn at the same time. Their niche aleager is known as that of ‘the Netflix-for-Toys.’ This appeals to kids, of course, who love the self gratification of picking a thing out and having it immediately—but in addition benefits parents who can watch toys go right back out the door after use.

“Pley is inventing the following of play and, since it launched in 2013, it has constantly stayed at the forefront of innovation,” said Ranan Lachman, co-founder and CEO of Pley. “Our goal is to inspire and turn it into children to ponder creatively and release their future by creating their own toys. Kids are worthwhilely additional creative than adults, so why do we store buying them toys turn it intoed by adults? At Pley, we believe that children should turn it into their own toys.”

Their concept fits right in with all the benefits of 3D printing, that contributes virtually anyone the opportunity to find a turn it into that works for them or is relevant to part of a larger project they can be working on. The innovation is quite intuitive for children—and parents may be quite surprised to see how rapidly they figure out the hardware, software, and select materials—with little assist. Often, the largest problem is affordability, accessibility, and just getting the tools in front of the younger generation.pley-lego-rental

“We are excited of the new makes it to in 3D printing that allow us to rent 3D printing equipment and let customers print their own toys at home. We plan to stream to our customers a catalog of 1,000 toy turn it intos so children can print their favourite toys and turn it into their own via our software.”

Pley’s undertaking, as the major toy rental service (this may come as a surprise to you to find out that there are any of these services to start with!) is to assist encourage creativity and learning while enabling parents to save money. What we like as well is that they realize their programs assist reduce clutter, eliminating the piling up of toys kids have long ago lost interest in—and that is an huge benefit in itself!

There are over 500 toys to select of—and they can be swapped out whenever they are eager to move on to the following item. This is a developer who wants to see the democratization of toys on all levels as well, displaying their dedicating for all ages and makers with the platform, Pleyworld, that contributes crowdsourcing where children in fact vote on turn it intos they like the many. From here, Pley can extract the many talked about turn it intos and stream them, requiring participantships—again, harkening back to the Netflix motif. Among these turn it intos are a few that have aleager won awards and have been built as popular items by their participants.

“Pley democratizes the toy selection and creation, bringing the toy industry of its current guess-based, adult-centric turn it into process to a additional consumer-driven turn it into,” said Lachman. “Adding 3D printing equipment to our rental catalog and streaming toy turn it intos is a effortless following step in our undertaking to provide children access to the most educational toys.”

The new process being contributeed by Pley is truly a thing that kids and parents should find refreshing and exciting—and how curious we can be to see if other companies follow suit. They can contribute a catalog of toys for rent, and inside that there can in addition be versions for a list of kid-friendly 3D printing equipment that can be rented. The machines are delivered for the convenience of the users, and if they fall in love with the innovation, they can purchase the printing equipment.

The goodness of this new program just continues as well, enabling for kids to upload their turn it intos to Pleyworld so that others in their age group can vote on them. According to the company, if a turn it into receives 5,000 votes, it can and so be streamed, as well as being contributeed as a toy by Pley. Is this a service you’d be interested in attempting? Discuss in the Pley 3D Printer Rentals forum over on 3DPB.com.

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