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Plastic Surgeon Uses 3D Printing to Reconstruct Damaged Faces

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.56.08 AMUnless you are an unbearable egomaniac or are blind, you have looked in the mirror at a few point in your life and been unpleased with a fewthing you’ve seen. Usually it’s a additional detail like a blemish or perhaps actually just a dissatisfaction with a fewthing you perceive as crooked or the wrong dimensions or one of any number of complaints we all have of our appearance on a daily basis. Our faces are the subject of a great deal of scrutiny, both our own and by others, after all they are, in the words of Louis CK, “right in the front of our heads.”

Sometimes, and additional frequently if you live in LA, there are folks who feel such a great dissatisfaction with their faces that they resort to elective cosmetic surgery to manufacture modifications. That’s not the just kind of client that plastic surgeons see, yet. Cosmetic surgeons in addition work to assist patients who were born with facial abnormalities or who have experienced a traumatic actuallyt major to the devastation of their faces.

This was the case with 17-year-old Jake Reynolds, who was struck by a car while crossing a street and suffered worthwhile injure to the right side of his face.

The car was traveling of 30 miles per hour when it struck Reynolds, his face was smashed against the windshield and and so additional injured when he was thrown to the street. The skin and muscles were stripped of his face right through to his molars and the bones in his cheeks and forehead were destroyed. Luckily for him, he was rushed to John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix where Dr. Pablo Prichard is via 3D printing innovation to assist with just such spectacular facial reconstruction procedures.dr prichard

Dr. Prichard gave a glimpse of the serious nature of the youth’s case in an interview with ABC:

“This was a devastating injury to his face. He had crush wounds to his forehead, the eyeball socket wasn’t just crushed but pulverized as far as the bone was concerned…By doing it with 3D printing, what we are doing is bringing the mirror image of his opposite side and projecting that on the devastated side. It all looks really great and symmetric, that I’m pleased with, his scars are diminishing in appearance.”

modelUtilizing 3D print innovation allows for the surgeon to turn it into a manual that is much additional faithful to plan than doing it free hand may be. One year and four surgeries later, Jake is as handa few as at any time and actually yet the scar is visible, it’s in no way disfiguring. Given the extent of his injuries, the results of the surgery are nothing short of miraculous.

Rather than replacing the ability of an great plastic surgeon, 3D printing devices are providing another tool that they can use to take the art of what they do to another level in harsh cases and that is really a relief to folks like Jake who were confronted with the possibility of losing a fewthing that is so intimately wrapped up in our identities and at any timeyday interactions. Discuss your yetts on this latest progress in the medical world in the Facial Reconstruction with 3D Printed Guides forum over at 3DPB.com.jake reynolds