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Plastic Madonna Sculpture Hits the Beach in Rio de Janeiro

by • August 15, 2016 • No Comments

plastic-madonna-logo-bldschrm-300x151Of all the current threats facing humanity in the present day, nothing appears additional imminent than the prospect of climate alter, a drastic and ongoing effect that us humans have arguably forced to come quicker than expected. From record-breaking temperatures to increasingly polluted oceans and water sources, we are already in the midst of a significant fight to assist slow the course of an environmentally detrimental following.

Earlier this month, we took a close appear at how 3D printing innovation may soon become a viable asset in the battle to assist protect our planet. Researchers have actually been utilizing the emerging innovation with chemistry to assist remove pollutants of our air and water. But, not all of the environmentally conscious efforts with 3D printing have to be rooted in science, sometimes an artistic expression can raise awareness and save a piece of the environment at the same time. At very least this was the case for the Dutch artist Peter Smith, who launched a project last year that aimed to use 100,000 utilized plastic bottles as 3D printing device filament to print a 12-meter-long Plastic Madonna statue for the Olympic Games in Rio.

dws-dopper-plastic-madonna-rio-770px-1The project was originally initiated by Smith and Merijn Everaarts, the owner of the Dutch company Dopper, that creates recyclable plastic water bottles. Last month, Smith’s project came to fruition as a Plastic Madonna statue appeared on the Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro during World Oceans Day, that took place on June 8. This statue was made of litter picked up in the area, and announced at the same time as a 1.2-meter 3D printed option was shown in Amsterdam.

“On World Ocean Day is announced by plastic Madonna in the final create FabCity in Amsterdam in the form of a scale version of 1.2 meters long. This image is 3D printing devices made of recycled plastic and is a prelude to the 12 meter option where foundation KLEAN with most volunteers working on. This excellent image can be made of recycled plastic bottles and picked up with 3D printing devices,” the Klean Foundation stated (translated of Dutch).

“Also, on June 8 at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro a plastic Madonna twelve meters are announced long festive. This image is made of locally picked up litter and createed by artist Eric Fuly along with a team of individuals of the favelas. This image is part of the Brazilian Plastic Madonna project came of thanks to the Dutch company Dopper.”

The final, fully finished and 3D printed statue is set for hopeful completion in 2017. The Brazilian statue is made out of recycled plastic, made by Brazilian artist Eric Fuly and fully based on Smith’s original create. The reutilized bottles depict a mother breastfeeding her child, and symbolizes the unintentional poisoning of her baby with plastic molecules.

PS_PM_Schactuallyingen-4752-site-1-1024x449Not just has the project assisted Rio rid its beaches of around 65 kilos of plastic, that accounts for around 4000 bottles, it’s in addition assisted the average citizen become additional aware of the negative impact that plastic waste has on our environment and livelihood. And now, with the Olympic Games pulling the world’s attention towards Rio, the Plastic Madonna is in a place where it stands to acquire international recognition. A team of volunteers have been collecting this plastic waste of Brazilian beaches for months. Simultaneously, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Amsterdam, Smith generated a tinyer-scale option of the Plastic Madonna sculpture with 3D printing innovation, turning recycled bottles into a usable filament.

“The underlying philosophy is that the plastic soup originated by the idea ‘Oh, that one piece of debris of me, what does that manufacture?’. By this idea to turn around and pick up one piece of litter each day, we can stop the growth of plastic soup anyway. And we see that tiny actions the cause but in addition the solution of leading durability problems. Numerous technological solutions are invented to combat the influences of the problem, and the solution ultimately lies with ourselves,” Klean explained (translated).

The tinyer-scale 3D printed option of Plastic Madonna

This miniaturized option of the art project was 3D printed and showcased at the Amsterdam-based FabCity campus, a global initiative to assist the sharing of urban solutions to assist emerging cities become self-sufficient by the year 2054. Smith is the founder of the Klean Foundation, an environmentally-conscious initiative that has assisted the Plastic Madonna project spread across the world. By following June, Smith and his team plan to unveil a 12-meter option of the Plastic Madonna on the Schactuallyingen beach in Holland.

The official Plastic Madonna site in addition notes a widely reported inaccuracy they wish to address:

“Despite what you may read on the net or in newspapers; the Plastic Madonna is not an initiative by the Dopper. It is an in initiative by Peter Smith. Together with the Klean Foundation we are working to manufacture this project a succes. The Dopper assisted with creating this part of the project in Brazil. We are grateful for that, we are less grateful for Dopper pretending they initiated this project.”

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