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PieceMaker to Enter Personalized & 3D Printed Jewelry Realm with Paul Michael Design  

by • May 5, 2016 • No Comments

images (7)You’d be complex pressed to find a fewone who does not like jewelry in one form or another, with men and women having their own fashion and preferences—and actually if you don’t like jewelry, it’s a thing you may enjoy gifting others with. Now, the appreciation for this form of art is frequently coupled with 3D printing, adding to the excitement, as well as offering additional versions for customization and frequently—greater affordability.

The PieceMaker team stays occupied with a variety of partnerships and promotions of working with Toys’R’Us for kiosks showcasing in-store 3D printing of toys to offering 3D printed Nickelodeon characters, and actually 3D printed Ford replicas at a few of the dealerships, all meaning we’ve reported on really this energetic team really a lot over time.

f105179a-a14c-4765-8a74-11cee8321392Now, PieceMaker is entering a realm that deals a bit additional with elegance and aesthetics, partnering with Paul Michael Design as they debut their initially manalized jewelry experience for consumers. The product commence, taking place at the Paul Michael Design studio in Pittsburgh this Saturday, May 7th, can show off both the ability of the jewelry designers and the expertise of PieceMaker in regards to 3D printing innovation.

The jewelry offered can allow for customized rings, pendants, and charms, as well as the version of manalizing these pieces, that adds not just a special emotional high end to jewelry—but in addition additional ownership.

“This is an amazingly special partnership for us. This commence is PieceMaker’s initially concrete step towards changing the jewelry industry for the advantageous. This is an industry where products have so much meaning and are so special to the individuals who own them. The next is to let individuals turn it into their ideal piece themselves. This weekend, thanks to Paul Michael and PieceMaker’s whole network of partner companies, the dream can become a reality,” said Arden Rosenblatt, CEO of PieceMaker.

jewelryIf you check out the Paul Michael Design website for their retail studio, what you will come away with primarily is that they want your experience there to allow for manalization in every way, and for every piece to be ‘as one-of-a-kind as the man wearing it.’

With this new partnership commencing, both companies see a true revolution beginning at the Paul Michael Design studio. As visitors come to check out the how the elegant kiosk works, they can in addition be encouraged to customize their jewelry in terms of fashion, borders, lettering, metal, and additional. After that, pieces can be turn it intod in-house and delivered to their doorsteps inside three weeks.

“I believe that individuals want a hand in the creation of their many cherished items. My studio has created its life’s work removing the barriers of creation. Sharing the system and being transparent allows for a additional intimate connection to their jewelry, thus increasing ‘value’ and the emotional connection to a man’s own artifacts. We turn it into a thing special every time… I believe it is what the world wants. This partnership with PieceMaker is just going to increase these sturdy feelings in our clients and let them have additional of a hand in the system,” says Paul Bierker, founder of Paul Michael Design.


Rendering of the women’s crest ring that can be on the market.

For those choosing creations, they have the versions of gold, white gold, silver, and stainless. Prices are as follows:

$45 for a charm$150 for a pendant$180 for a ring

This is a revolutionary move for the jeweler, but that is pretty what they are all about—along with their new partner PieceMaker—and both companies embrace the disruption that comes along with 3D printing, as well as enabling them to welcome a lot of pleased new customers.