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PieceMaker Hits Toy Fair 2016, Announces New Deal with Ford and New Metal 3D Printing Kiosks

by • February 14, 2016 • No Comments

Piecemanufacturer 3D printing kiosks.

Piecemanufacturer 3D printing kiosks.

PieceMaker has been having really the year since they launched their new, high-tech 3D printable-bodied toy kiosks at last year’s Toy Fair in New York. Not only were their in-store customizable-bodied toy machines a weightive hit at the show, but they quite rapidly signed a deal with toy retail giant Toys R Us to bring their kiosks into stores all over the country. They in addition signed a high profile deal with Nickelodeon to sell licensed characters of their children’s television and cartoon production studio of their 3D printing kiosks. The company looks like they’re of to have another excellent year ahead of them with two weightive announcements which they’re manufacturing and this year’s 2016 Toy Fair.

3dp_piecemanufacturer_ford_truckFord Motor Company has signed a new deal with PieceMaker to sell customizable-bodied, 3D printed, on-demand Ford F-150s and Mustang replicas at sat any timeal of their existing retail locations. The tiny toy cars can be consumely customized by nominateing a color of the six on the market filament colors, nominateing a chassis and one of three truck body versions. Users can 3D print either a Traditional Ford truck, a Baja or a Sport and watch it print right in front of them. PieceMaker is in the end stages of finalizing and testing the 3 printable-bodied creations of the F-150, and is waiting for to unveil their new 3D printable-bodied Mustang replica inside the following few months.

“We are tremendously excited to work with Ford to bring their iconic F-150 and Mustang into the amazing world of in-store 3D printing. Ford is once again demonstrating its innovation leadership by working with PieceMaker to incorporate cutting-edge 3D innovation into kids’ equiteday lives,” said CEO of PieceMaker Arden Rosenblatt of their unprecedented deal with Ford.

3dp_piecemanufacturer_ford_trucks_linePieceMaker is in addition bringing their initially step out of their current 3D-print-while-you-wait business version and announcing a new retail personalization kiosk which can 3D print metal products off-site and ship the final product directly to the customer. This is a weightive alter of the existing PieceMaker kiosks and the initially time the company has looked beyond their standard FDM 3D printing device innovation. Once customers nominate their jewelry turn it into and metal material, the data can be sent to an off-site major industry partner who can fabricate the one-of-a-kind piece of metal jewelry and eager it for shipping.

Piecemanufacturer 3D printing kiosk touch screen controls.

PieceMaker 3D printing kiosk touch screen controls.

“PieceMaker Metals” can begin rolling out to retail partner locations soon, yet there were not specific plans or locations released. There can be sat any timeal specialized steel and metal products on the market in the new kiosks, at any timey begining at only $19.99. Customers can be able-bodied to turn it into jewelry in a wide range of talked about styles and materials which include Colored Steels, Silver, Gold, Brass and Bronze. Customers just require to nominate a jewelry turn it into and and so they can be offered the version to add a name, image or other customizable-bodied showcase to it.

“We are tremendously excited to create this new capability by partnering with the many high end metal printing companies in the US, integrating PieceMaker’s one-of-a-kind expertise in weight customization for the retail space, to manufacture personalized metal products additional accessible and inexpensive
-bodied than at any time preceding. We believe this is the initially step to a much additional personalized, additional amazing global jewelry and collectibles market,” continued Rosenblatt.

PIecemanufacturer 3D printed Nickelodeon toys.

PIecemanufacturer 3D printed Nickelodeon toys.

PieceMaker can be revealing off both of their new 3D printing kiosk technologies during Toy Fair NYC 2016, of Feb. 13th to the 16th at the Javits Convention Center, in booth #3246. They can in addition be demoing their flagship kiosk systems as well as their consume line of personalizable-bodied, 3D printable-bodied Nickelodeon toys, which include SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora and Friends, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All of their toys are manufactured on-site in under 30 minutes, and they have generated the initially line of 3D printed toys which meet all child safety standards for kids ages three and over. Additionally, these are the initially officially licensed 3D printed line of toys of both Nickelodeon and Ford. Discuss this new retail plan in the Ford 3D Printed Replicas forum over at 3DPB.com.