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Philips Celebrates 125th Anniversary with Pilot Program for 125 3D Printed Shavers, Designed by Consumers

by • January 23, 2016 • No Comments

philips_2013_logo_detailAfter my teenage son, who just started shaving, revealed to me again that he was quite tired of via my pink razor, I thought I’d pop into a sizeable keep rapidly to pick up a few additional appropriate shavers. What a shock when I arrived onto the appropriate aisle, just to see each that each razor selection-actually the most inexpensive–were locked, behind big glass doors. Yes, these items are considered so talked about and valuable that they must be tucked away of shoplifters. That’s an eye-opener: most can go to any length to get their hair-removal device.

Philips is contributeing what sounds like a excellent new pilot program–and no policing of locked doors on this front, as you customize your quite own 3D printed, personalized electric shaver. This program is a celebration of the Netherlands-based company that has been in business for 125 years, ‘guided and inspired by their vision.’ That outlook is bringing the lighting and electronics company into the future indeed, with the thought that most of our household products can most likely be created–and customized–with 3D printing. Razors are an item that we have seen 3D printed previously of your basic developer shaver to a additional old-fashioned straight-edge. They can be pretty easily created, created to fit, and weight produced–while compatible with standard blades.

UntitledIf you are in the Netherlands and may like one of these of Philips, yet, you will have to jump on the opportunity right away as they are just creating 125 in the future six months and the clock is ticking as they can sell just two per day of these limited editions. Not just can you be the initially to own one, but you can be completely responsible for createing it in terms of its shape, size, size, color, and actually accessories. The 3D printed shavers are priced at €99, and that comes with shipping to the Netherlands.

“The 3D printing industry is swift evolving; it’s seen as an advancement that can alter the making industry by enabling for maximum customization through that, in the end, consumers like you can be the developers!” say the Philips team on their webpage.

“If you want take part in shaping the future of making, this is your opportunity. Become the proud owner of your own personalized shaver, and amongst the initially to own such a device. Share all your thoughts and comments with us, and play an significant part in the future development of our industry.”

It is quite easy, and pretty looks like a lot of fun. Just enter the Philips site, select your create, and personalize it. Finish up by choosing your electric shaping accessories in the form of either a beard styler or a precision trimming tool. The Philips team can and so have your razor 3D printed via Shapeways via SLS innovation, and can ship your new shaver to you in the Netherlands inside two to three weeks. There is actually a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it for a few reason.Untitled

The Royal Philips company is much additional diversified than most realize, focvia on creates and advancement not just in lighting and electronics, but in addition healthcare and consumer lifestyles. They contribute products in cardiac care, acute care, as well as homecare, and in energy-efficient lighting solutions, and now–shaving, grooming, and oral healthcare. Discuss your thoughts on this new product in the Philips 3D Printed Shaver forum over at 3DPB.com.