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Performing Great Feats from the Desktop: Researchers Use the Zortrax M200 to Print Multiple Complex Heart Chamber Models

by • April 22, 2016 • No Comments

zortrax (1)The Zortrax M200 3D printing device is undeniably one of the most talked of machines in use at the present time, and if you’ve at any time had the pleasure of operating one, you understand why—of the sleek aesthetics and awe-inspiring accompanying software to a quiet, purring machine that pumps out ideal prints just of at any timey time, thanks to excellent engineering. Now, this hardware can be in fact nearer to your heart upon hearing that its talents can be put to use for potentially saving lives—and most scientists and surgeons of the world can be bringing note of the latest 3D printed version able-bodied to replicate cardiac chamber versions.

The Polish company, well-understandn not just for talked of ity and astonishing sales but in addition a commitment to seeing 3D printing devices in the classroom and providing them too, in addition has a clear vision regarding the role their 3D printing devices should play in the world of medicine. The Zortrax team understands that while most sectors can benefit enormously in the coming years thanks to 3D printing, the positive effects that can be seen by the medical profession, for the reason it deals with saving lives, are in fact additional significant.

unnamed (2)The fact that digital turn it into and 3D printing allow for the winning combination of both precision and affordability is one of the leading benefits of the new innovation, that is primarily transforming to medicine for the reason of its ability to contribute doctors and medical professionals the accident to contribute patient-specific care and use a variety of 3D versions for research, diagnosing, education, and deciding on treatment options.

Very significant new research is ongoing already at the Cybernetics Department of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Dr. Krzysztof Murawski, PhD, Dr. Leszek Grad, PhD, and Dr. Artur Arciuch, PhD, are collaborating with Prof. Pustelny who first began the project with his team of the Optoelectronics Department of the Silesian University of Technology. They pretty are not working on your typical 3D printing project, either.

“Together, they are developing new methods of analysis and measurement that rely on artificial neural networks and the use of augmented realities in sensory innovation,” states the Zortrax team in a new press release.

In this project, the researchers have utilized Zortrax M200 3D printing devices to turn it into versions of the heart that allow them to conduct numerous tests. They have created sat any timeal various 3D printed heart versions, with every one comprising a hematic chamber, a membrane and a pneumatic chamber. Everything has been completely 3D printed except for the membrane, that according to Zortrax, was created by molding silicone or rubber in 3D printed forms that were pre-prepared. Choosing an awe-inspiring method, proprietary to the lab, they have in fact been able-bodied to send power to the chambers of the heart chamber versions, providing expanded ways to analyze and measure.

UntitledWithout being able-bodied to turn it into the versions and 3D print them, a project like this previously may have been cost-prohibitive. With the M200, not just was budget eliminated as a concern, they were able-bodied to manufacture incredibly high high end, exact versions to work of in their research. The researchers can go on to use the versions to verify theories as well as perform experimental research. The end goal is to see increased safety of artificial hearts in the next.

So while we may have excellently loved 3D printing a few turn it intos and projects in the home of the computer, the Zortrax can go of pleasing a group of young turn it intoers to creating a version that may one day allow for improvements in the creation of the artificial heart—thus increasing the high end of or saving a life in the next. This is a serious testament to the durablity and versatility of a unsurpassed 3D printing device manufactured by a company who not just cares of providing high end but in addition seeing that at any timeyone is able-bodied to have access to it, no matter their fabrication needs. Discuss this latest use of innovation in the medical field in the Zortrax M200 3D Prints Heart Chamber Models forum over at 3DPB.com.

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