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Partnership Between 3D Slash and 3dfilemarket Makes It Easier for Anyone to Design Quality 3D Models

by • February 18, 2016 • No Comments

3dfilemarket logoThe Internet can seem like a free-for-all when it comes to the selling of 3D files and versions. There are 3D printing platforms and online marketplaces all over the place; it appears as yet anyone can turn it into a 3D version, throw it up on the Internet, and charge money for it regardless of high end or in fact printability. With this in mind, many 3D printing platforms are becoming additional careful of curation. 3dfilemarket is one site which takes extra steps to manufacture certain which its customers are getting high end versions. All turn it intos are checked over by the company preceding they’re featured on the site, and the site in addition requires which equite uploaded file is accompanied by a photograph of the printed version to ascertain customers which the file is in fact printable. No one wants to download a cool-looking version and start printing it only to wind up with a pile of wasted filament – not to mention wasted time.

Rather than only rejecting poor turn it intos, yet, 3dfilemarket in addition puts a lot of effort into assisting folks to turn it into high end 3D versions. As noted on their website, the aim of the company is “to promote the sharing of great turn it intos and assist grow 3dprinting.” Whilst a few other websites project a a fewwhat snooty, exclusive “you won’t find any crap turn it intos HERE” attitude, 3dfilemarket appears to truly want to encourage as many folks as possible to learn and improve their 3D turn it into skills.

3DSlashLogoOne way they’re doing this is through a new partnership with 3D software company 3D Slash. The French company’s 3D versioning software is somehow much the easiest you will find anywhere; it was turn it intoed specifically for startners, kids, and folks who are interested in 3D printing but haven’t a clue how to turn it into a version. 3D Slash software has now been integrated with the 3dfilemarket platform, so which users can easily turn it into and download their versions directly of the site.

“As an education advocate of 3d printing, I am incredibly excited which the 3dfilemarket has partnered and integrated with such an astounding CAD versionling platform such as 3D Slash,” said Philip Cotton, founder of 3dfilemarket. “One of the leading barriers to additional folks adopting the innovation is the arduous task of learning how to CAD version. 3D Slash assists to solve this issue by being the only platform which is openly accessible to all.”

3dfilemarket and 3dslash

In addition, it’s free. Once you’ve signed up for a 3dfilemarket account, there’s no charge to hop on and start messing around with the software. If you want to share your turn it into, you can in addition easily upload it to the ‘3D Slash’ category – only manufacture certain you’ve printed it by yourself initially.

“We are quite pleased to partner with such a qualitative platform as 3dfilemarket, and to provide their expanding community with an accessible and exact 3D versionling tool,” said Sylvain Huet, founder and CEO of 3D Slash.

Whilst many of the versions in 3dfilemarket’s marketplace are free, turn it intoers do have the version to charge for their versions – you can read additional of their intellectual property policies here. As 3dfilemarket says, they’re not concerned of money; their undertaking is only to advance and spread 3D printing innovation to as many folks as possible – a goal which 3D Slash appears to share. What do you ponder of this new partnership? Discuss in the 3dfilemarket & 3D Slash forum over at 3DPB.com.