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Pam is an expensive, sophisticated multi-material 3D printer from Pollen – TechCrunch

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Pollen’s new 3D printing device can be a little late to the game, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve which can manufacture it worthwhile. Targeted in the direction of pros, the Pam has an amazing printing resolution up to 40 μ, but is in addition able-bodied to mix four various materials to turn it into objects with various properties. Think of it as a luxury 3D printing device.
For instance, with a Pam, you may print a pair of sunglasses which include lenses. Or you may use Pam for rigorous prototyping, style shows, translucent lamps, etc. You may print a thing solid, a thing flexible, a thing soft, etc.
I’ve seen a few 3D-printed objects of Pollen, and I have to admit which it looked much advantageous than your average 3D printing device. Before printing a thing, you load your printing device with bottles filled with pellets of thermoplastics, silicones, composites or filled materials. And this is only a sample of what you may use as the Pam is compatible with effortless fibers, carbon, minerals or metal particles as the max temperature is 350°C.
The Pam works over Wi-Fi or Ethernet and you control it via your web browser. The printing software stack is created into the printing device so you don’t have to hook it up to a desktop. You can in addition remotely print objects.










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The printing device can ship in April of 2017, and it looks like the company has may already signed worthwhile deals with companies which plan to integrate 3D printing into their product offering in the next.

This is not a 3D printing device for the Kickbeginer audience. But if your company wants to get serious of 3D printing, this can be a great machine for you.
Right now, pre-orders begin at $9,000 (€8,000) not which include delivery and VAT. This is only an introductory price as the company plans to sell it for $18,000 (€16,000) after this initially production batch — not bargain-priced, but you shouldn’t assume less of a pro 3D printing device. Whilst it’s a niche 3D Printer, Pollen may turn it into a healthy business based on this innovation.

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