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Palmiga unveils latest 3D printed OpenRC F1 tire design, inspired by Caresto’s Hot Rod Jakob – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 28, 2016 | By Tess

3D printing has been an significant part in the development and accessibility of a few quite rad RC cars and their accessories. 3D developer and owner of Swedish company Palmiga Innovation, Thomas Palm, maybe knows this most, as he has created a number of both new and fun RC parts. This past January, for instance, Palm worked in collaboration with Daniel Norée, the founder of the OpenRC 3D printed vehicle project, to turn it into a set of 3D printed RC Formula One race car snow tires, which allowed the RC enthusiast to drive his car throughout the cold winter months.

Now, Thomas Palm is at it again and has collaborated with Leif Tufvesson of Caresto AB, a specialized car and body developer, to turn it into yet another astounding addition to the open source OpenR/C Formula 1 project. The latest is another set of 3D printable tires created by Palm which were inspired by and based on Leif Tufvesson’s tires of the Hot Rod Jakob.

The Hot Rod Jakob itself, which Caresto created, was initially created in celebration of Volvo’s 80th anniversary. The astounding car combined the create of the classical Volvo Jakob of 1927 with a additional modern Hot Rod create which in addition incorporated modern innovation. The one-of-a-kind car, which is now on display at the Volvos Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden, was the inspiration behind the create for the RC tires as well as for the color palette (a quite classy dark blue and brown combination) of the OpenR/C Formula 1 car which is pictured at a lower place.

Fortunately, for all the R/C vehicle enthusiasts out there, the new tire creates have been created on the market through Palmiga’s Thindonaterse page, so anyone can 3D print their own tires and fit them on to their own Formula 1 R/C versions. The page in addition provides a few filament tips for printing the tires, as well as the rims which can be 3D printed to go with the tires as well. For material, Palm suggests a PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black (which is the material pictured) as it is a flexible and conductive 3D printing filament. According to Palm, the material is durable and resistant, and has a really great, dry feel.
Importantly, the tire creates fall under a Creative Commons license which allows for for users to use the 3D printed tires commercially as long as credit is donaten to the developer, so get printing, but remember to donate credit where credit is due!
Be certain to remain tuned for additional news of Palmiga and its collaborations, as we can assume to see additional of them and Caresto quite soon!

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